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They just “CALL” Themselves Christians

 It’s exam time for ALL those who just “call themselves” Christians

 GOD SAID . . . .

~~“And they that belong to CHRIST have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.” (Gal. 5: 24)

   That was the EXACT perfect WORDS' of the true definition of “those who belong to CHRIST” who are opposite to those who Do NOT really "belong to Christ!"                                

   As stated again. . .“Those who belong to Christ” would be the only actual real “Christians” according these WORDS of CREATION, according to this verse (among many following!)  

   The next WORDS stated “HAVE CRUCIFIED the flesh.” which means killed, done away with, extinguished. the "flesh" ("fallen human mind.")  You can “SEE” stated, as a FACT, that those who “HAVE Crucified,” are Past PERFECT Tense Verbs which tie perfect proof of the WORDS of CREATION, of actually whom "HE" believes are Christians, that REALLY BELONG to the WORDThis is what many of "us" call a real WORD STUDY!

   Next in the PERFECT Order. . . .  AFTER are the WORDS "HAVE CRUCIFIED came the WORDS . . . . "with the affections and lusts,” follows the Past PERFECT Tense Verbiage, exacting just exactly what has happened as “was crucified” . . . . the "flesh" that was CRUCIFIED, Extinguished!, done away with, put away, nullified, deleted, zeroed out, 

    And the “affections and lusts” are what a person loves, has passions for, wants and desires, since the WORDS of CREATION also stated an connected FACT: “But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.” (James 1: 14)

~~ For the second “witness” is a follows…
”And she shall bring forth a son, and you shall call HIS name *YEHOSHUA for HE shall save HIS people from their sins.” (Matt.1:21) [ * Original Hebrew name, which means "the ONE WHO DELIVERED!"]

   First of all “HE” the WORD of TRUTH, is the ONE who does the "delivering or saving!" And NO “Saved” without the DELIEVERENCE.

   Secondly the Possessive PERFECT Pronoun is “HIS people” which shows just who are “HIS people” really are… and according to these WORDS, are only those who are saved from their sins.”  This was predicted, or prophesied by a Divine Notification, by the WORD thru HIS angel is . . . . “HE shall save HIS people FROM their sins.” The word “save” (Greek sozo) means deliverance, to rescue from danger or destruction!  So the more PERFECT WORDAGE would have been "YEHOSHUA (the ONE WHO DELIVERED) HIS people FROM their sins.”

   MORE REAL WORD STUDY. . . . And the definition of the word from (Greek ajpov) is of separation . . . . a. of local separation, after verbs of motion from a place i.e. of departing, of fleeing,

b. of separation from the wholec. of any kind of separation of one thing from another by which the union or fellowship of the two is destroyed….  d. of a state of separation, that is of distance 1. physical, of  distance of place, 2. of distance   

   MEANINGS MEAN . . . .(including that) of time . . . “HIS people” are those "delivered FROM their sins” and NOT . . . “in their sins," but HE "SEVERED HIS people FROM their sins.” He never failed in what HE proposed to do, except for the UN-believers.

~~ The next witnesses (plural) quoted directly from the WORDS of TRUTH, the ONE that can not LIE stated. . .  
“And everyone that has this faith in HIM, purifies themselves, even as HE is pure .”

NOW get serious . . . . How “PURE” is HE? Completely, WHOLLY, Totally PURE!

   Than how PURE are "we" supposed to be? Answered already within the WORDS. . . “Even as HE is Pure!” That is HOW PURE HE "HIS people" are to be, "even as Pure as HE is PURE!" And if "you" are still trying "to work OUT you OWN salvation," than you are NOT allowing the AUTHOR of FAITH / TRUST to provide you with already provided, 2000 year old "salvation THROUGH sanctification!"

"Who-so-ever commits sin transgresses also the law, for sin is the transgression of the law."

Just who are the “who-so-ever” spoken of here? Answer: Anyone or "Everyone who comments sin breaks the LAWS," of CREATION!  They plainly attempt to mess up, defile, and corrupt the DIVINE CREATION!

   Just exactly how many sins did it take Adam or Eve to commit EACH, to be removed from the DIVINE PERFECT CREATION?  

   Answer: is ONE . . . .  only ONE sin EACH!   Which of any of you have the mendacity or gull to think they are “more” special, than Adam or Eve?  

   Does anyone of you, believe that the JUDGE of judges loves you more than that of HIS ORIGINAL DIVINELY CREATED? 

   Is there anyone ignorant enough to believe that the ORIGINAL CREATOR loves them with MORE than HE LOVED the ORIGINAL CREATED?  That would defy even "common sense," or even logic.

And just where (book, chapter and verse) did the DIVINE ONE TRUE CREATOR change HIS requirements, and lower the standards, for you "little sinners?"

Answer: NO WHERE and NEVER!

NEXT WORD of TRUTH . . . .

“And you know that HE was manifested to take away our sins; and in HIM is no sin.”

First HE, the LIVING WORD, “was manifested to Take Away our sins” and just when was He manifested? 2000 years ago!

Unless HE is a failure, than HE must have “taken away our sins” (for true believers anyway) 

Again, according to the WORDS of CREATION, that "we" are supposed to be CREATED FROM, BY and FOR, stated that "HE was manifested to Take away our sins!" And some of us "KNOW" and SEE the WORDS of CREATION, and LIVE by, for and through these WORDS!


Guess what does "TAKE AWAY" means?

   OH yes, REMOVED, DELETED, EXTINGUISHED . PUT AWAY, SEPARATED, SEVERED, TOOK AWAY, Removed, Extingushed, Destroyed, and or Vanquished!    Believe it or not! Sinners can NOT live these WORDS, because they are NOT followers on these or even the WHOLE WORDS of CREATION, just the MISS-translated words, do they "follow!"

   Secondly stated was, “and in HIM is no sin.” When a real true “believer” “is truly "IN" these WORDS of CREATION, HERE!, there is “NO sin.”

   Ask the TRUE “who-so-ever" that are truly living "IN these WORDS," NOW!Do not ask anyone who is NOT living in these WORDS, because they are NOT YET, "DWELLING IN HIM," here and NOW!

   Are you "abiding in HIM?" REALLY? Than you MUST be LIVING these following  WORDS also . . . .

"Who-so-ever abides in HIM sins not, whosoever sins has not seen HIM, nor neither knows HIM." 

   The “who-so-ever abides in HIM, sins NOT” is straight forward, and wholly not complicated!

    Again the "what-so-ever" equals EVERYONE, or anyone “Whosoever sins has not seen HIM,” They do NOT have “eyes to see!” those WORDS! And “Neither knows HIM,” as these WORDS state, they do NOT know these WORDS! And the pretend-a-Christians just “say” they “know” the WORDS of CREATION ,who IS GOD (John 1: 1-3 ). And “the WORD was made [as] flesh and dwelt among us." (John. 1: 14)

   But do they really know THESE WORDS RIGHT HERE . . . . which states, WITHOUT a doubt that REAL Christians do NOT SIN! 

   And the WORD, HIMSELF says "who-so-ever sins does NOT know HIM!”  Who are we to believe, here, the WORDS of CREATION, or anyone who-so-ever who is still a sinner? Just out of common LOGIC, no one who is still living in sin, can NOT even explain these words, even if they PRETEND to believe some of the other WORDS of CREATION!


7 ”Little children, let no man deceive you, they that do righteousness are righteous, even as HE is righteous.” 

Do NOT "let anyone deceive you, they that do righteousness ARE righteous, even as HE is righteous."

Are these WORDS of CREATION, telling the TRUTH here?  Answer YES, without a doubt all TRUTH and no-thing but the TRUTH! 

So let everyone who sins be a "liar," because the WORD NEVER lies! 

And just how "righteousness is HE?"



And “we, the true believers," the R-E-A-L FOLLOWERS of the WORD, are to be “righteous EVEN as righteousness and HE is!" YES and amen (So BE IT! )

NEXT to destroy the works of the evil ones . . . .
“Who-so-ever that commits sin is of the devil; for the devil sinned from the beginning. For this purpose the SON of GOD was manifested, that HE may destroy the works of the devil.”

This is WORDS of TRUTH . . . . "Who-so-ever that commits sin is of the devil,". . . . speaking LOUD and CLEAR, and being heard, seen and being lived, by all those who are NOT still “deceived,” but not by ALL those who are still sinning. 

"Who-so-ever “commits sin is of the devil”  . . . . NO maybes!

"Who-so-ever that commits sin is of the devil" . . . . Nor doubts!

"Who-so-ever that commits sin is of the devil"  . . . . NO EXCEPTIONS!

OH . . . unless they the “whosoever” are still "deceived" by "their OWN incomplete "fallen HUMAN" minds!  That still does not change the TRUTH . . . . "Who-so-ever that commits sin is of the devil."

REPEATED to overcome the LIES of the d-evils creators.  And again . . . . CREATOR of this UNIVERSE stated . . “Who-so-ever that commits sin is of the devil!  And "IF" there were NO other WORDS, like these WORDS, in ALL of CREATION, these should PROVE, without another "witness" that ANYONE and EVERYONE who sins is of the devil! And in reality NO other WORDS are required by true believers, about who sinners belong to, and are created from, the EVIL one!

NEXT the DIVINE WORDS state. . . "for what propose was the SON of GOD manifested.”

   HE stated "the PROPOSE" the REASON,  to be "manifested" was to "destroy the works of the devil!"

Just when  was “HE manifested,” for that purpose?. . .  Answer 2000 years ago!  

  So the "destruction" of the "works of the devil" must have happened (PAST TENSE, for believers) 2000 years ago! Well unless, your IDEA, concept, perception, and or your "version" of a savior is only one that can partially ALMOST save you FROM the "works of the devil?" Or YOUR savior, is just not that "power filled" one who can deliverer you FROM the "works of the devil," knowing how powerful your sins are to you, and how "powerless" YOUR personal "savior is!"

   Now the opposition, or the "sinners, little impotent, non-powered-filled little pretend-a-savior, made in "their" own image, who did not achieve his purpose, and could not possibly "destroy the works of the d-evil," for them.  They still wallowing like pigs in a pig pen in their personal  “works of the d-evil.”

   And that same conjured up non-powerful, one that the sinners follow, is the same one who "forgives them FOR their sin," and "IN their sin,” because they are made in his image, which is the “image” of the “FALLEN.”

   Titus 1:15 "To the pure all things are pure. But to those who are defiled and unbelieving nothing is pure, but even their mind and conscience is defiled?"

   The devil's followers, "who-so-ever sins belongs to the devil," . . . . do not believe that anyone else can be so pure, and so UN-defiled as to be Wholly Created by the PURE and WHOLLY ONE DIVINE WORD!

Titus 1:16 "They profess that they know GOD, but in their works they deny Him, being abominable and disobedient and reprobate to every good work."

"They profess they know the WORD," but they do not believe 1. That HE is power-filled enough to "DESTROY the works of the devil" Nor do they believe  2. That anyone else could be and live "pure as the CREATOR in heaven is PURE!"  As the UN-godly are ALL those who are  3. Still "Defiled. . .being abominable and disobedient and reprobate to every good work.. . . DENY HIS WORDS, here . . . . that the PERFECT WORD could, said and did "destroy the works of the devil!"

   Most all of the "defiled and unbelieving" cry . . . . "NO one can live that pure! We all have to sin!"

   So just who do they profess is more power-filled? Answer: 'Their father of sin, that is who!'

   And yes, and ALL sinners, are going to spend ALL eternity with that "forgive a sinner" one, in the special place that the ALMIGHTY ONE WORD, that I serve, WHO made a special place for the corrupted souls to live in their "self" imposed TORMENT,  because they did NOT have TRUST in HIS WORDS to be made pure, wholly, clean, mentally and morally!

   It really does not matter what "church" the sinners belong to. . . . Sinners GO TO HELL, saints go belong to heaven!

   And that their pretend-a-god that the sinners "worship," is in fact the "evil one," created as their own sinning selves, who his followers / his children are created in the image thereof, and the same ones who do not believe that the DIVINE WORD can take away their sin!

   Only the "sinners" are those who are "deceived" as they believe that EVERYONE has to live life according to "THEIR" sin stained ways! BUT the PURE ONE stated different!

   They who "Continue to stay in sin," and the "flesh," are NOT "HIS people!"  To simple for WORDS!                                              

   As the WORDS of CREATION so PERFECTLY state, right here, in and by HIS very OWN WORDS!

Let everyone be known as a LIAR who tries to state anything to the opposite!


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ oooOOOooo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



The "RE-CREATION or the Rebirth"





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