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[NOTICE: The Hebrew and the Greek lettering is NOT showing correctly on this service, but as soon as it is fixed we will update this needed information. This is why that the Hebrew / Greek lettering is being replaced with the English.]

( YHWH   = YAHUAH = YA-HOO-AH = Since the "W" is a DOUBLE U (or UU) Sound as in "yOU" or as "OOL" the word cool.  YHWH is Modern Hebrew to English letters pronounced in Peleo-Hebrew)

May the CREATION NATURE of the Risen WORD Blessing you ALL in and of this WORD STUDY, of YHWH which equals YAHUAH, or pronounceds as YA-HOO-AH which is the Tetragrammaton and the actual NAME (Paleo-Hebrew to English lettering) as the NAME of the ORIGINAL DIVINE ONE CREATOR. YHWH is pronounced YA-HOO-AH (Paleo Hebrew  pronunciation.)

Lev. 21:6 "They shall be holy unto their [YHWH or = YAHUAH = YA-HOO-AH (Paleo Hebrew) and not profane the name (H8034,  shem, name (literally or r), (authority, character) of their [YHWH, or = YAHUAH or  YA-HOO-AH] for the offerings of the WORD made by fire, and the bread of their [YHWH or = YAHUAH or YA-HOO-AH], they do offer, there-forward they shall be whole."

Lev. 22:32 "Neither shall you profane MY holy name (H8034, sheem, name (literally or figuratively), (authority, character,) but I will be hallowed among the children of Ysrael: I am the WORD which hallow you," ["Hollow equals created you wholly, or completely, with "shem" meaning name, authority and character.]

John 3:18."[YHWH (YAHUAH pronounced YA-HOO-AH (Paleo-Hebrew original.)] of the only begotten SON of ) authority, character  to a "name” (literally or figuratively), (on-om-a(G3686, to G3685 ὄνομα, onoma, name "They that believe on HIM are not condemned, but they that do not believe are condemned already, because they have not believed in the name." [All three 1. name, 2. authority, and 3. character.]

John 16:26  "In that day you will ask in My name, authority, charactera "name” (literally or figuratively), (onom-ah, (G3686, or 3685 onoma, and I say unto you that 'I will not pray to the FATHER for you."   

Acts 2:21 "And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call (G1941, epikaleomai , ep-ee-kal-eh-om-ahee, to invoke (for aid, worship, testimony, decision,)  on the name (G3686,ot G3685 onoma, on-om-ah  a name (literally or figuratively), (authority, character) of the WORD, they shall be saved (G4982, sos to save, that is, delivered or protected .)"

  "NAME!" The ORIGINAL WORD was NOT just in a proper noun . . . 

(YAHOAH 1218 times in the Hebrew Bible. (ONCE should be more than enough "changed" in HIS WORD , for real be-livers, lovers of HIS NAME . . . anyway.

     I am NOT avoiding, nor tiring to diminish, belittle,  the "NAME of YHWH,"  nor YAHUSHA). Since the sanctified equals, "without spot or blemish or any such thing,” know by "revelation” that the ORIGINAL Hebrew and Greek to English WORD was NOT referring ONLY to a Proper used "Noun name!”

    In the ORIGINAL WORDS of the ORIGINAL WORD into the "changed" Greek QUOTE: (G3686, onoma, on-om-ah, to G1097 (compare G3685); a name (literally or figuratively), (authority, character) (end of quote) and the WORD was NOT just a PROPER ENGLISH NOUN, starting with a " J, " any other such Proper used Noun from any other language, nor any other miss-translation, as such! nor

        As the ONLY correct meaning of the translated word, "name” (in English"Character!") was and is, and will be forever. .

    And "Character" is a Nature, or the actual "DIVINE Disposition" [you may know as the word MISS-translated as "SPIRIT?”) But is the REAL Attitude, thoughts, Character, quality, behavior, attributes, and or WISDOM of the WORD of CREATION / WHO is the WORD, YHWH, and that is HIS exact Character or NATURE, and NOT, just a "pronoun name just the translated word. [NOT even a "Proper Noun Name. see below.]

    Why is knowing the WORDS of the CREATOR, as the "CHARACTER" (or NATURE) as the Proper Noun used word for "name?"  TO:


e WORDS of CREATION do the revealing, and or giving you the direct revelation! 

    Let us do a WORD STUDY on the WORD "name" in Hebrew to English. . .

      "NAME H8034   ( shem  shame A primitive word (perhaps rather from H7760 through the idea of definite and conspicuous position; compare H8064); an appellation, as a mark or memorial of individuality; by implication honor, authority, character."

1. IN HEBREW "name" IS AN  "idea of definite and conspicuous position."

2. AND . . . "an appellation, as a mark or memorial of individuality."

3. AND . . . "an appellation, as a mark or memorial of individuality."

      Note when studing the Strongs or Thayers Concordances is: the actual "inspired" wordage, is before the " - " (minus sign, Dash Mark) in the STRONG’S Concordance, and NOT most of the MISS-Translated ("changed" words, after the DASH mark (" - "), than let us LOOK only to these WORDS. . . name = Shem: an appellation, as a mark or memorial of individuality; by implication honor, authority, character!  

       Did you see the word "appellation?" 1: an identifying name or title : designation.

["Name or TITLE" not just a pronoun word but also a "TITLE," which leads in to the rest of the Strong’s definition of the words "as a mark or memorial of individuality, by implication honor, authority, character!  

       Again NOT just the "Pronoun" [God or gods or lord,] in some dialect, or language, BUT the "individuality, by implication honor, authority, character!" Are you allowing this "revelation" by these correct and factual definitions, by and thru the WORDS to revel HIS TRUTH, or are you still in the "doctrines of men and demons?" When all you are real-lying on a miss-translated noun, just denoting some "historical” person and "NOT HIS DIVINE NATURE? anyway HUH? Yes 0 or NO  0 ?

The "demons" know HIS NAME, but they do not, nor will not live HIS DIVINE NATURE / CHARACTER! 


      The Original Hebrew and Original Greek to English is explained from one of the most reliable sources is as follows. . .  

Webster's 1847 Dictionary

QUOTED or Copied and pasted verbatim [Bold added for clarity.]  


NAME, n. 

or act; an appellation attached to a thing by customary use, by which it may be vocally distinguished from other things. quality 1. That by which a thing is called; the sound or combination of sounds used to express an idea, . . . .

or thing is known and distinguished. 2. The letters or characters written or engraved, expressing the sounds by which a person['s) Reputation; character; that which is commonly said of a person; as a good name; a bad name. 

4. Renown; fame; honor; celebrity; eminence; praise; distinction. 

6. Remembrance; memory. 

"authority or in HIS behalf, as HIS representative. "

 10. In Scripture, the name of God [YHWH] signifies HIS titles, HIS attributes, HIS will or purpose,, HIS honor and glory, HIS WORD, HIS grace, HIS wisdom, power and goodness, HIS worship or service, or GOD [YHWH] HIMSELF. [End of copied and pasted wordage.]

( NOTES: WOW When a someone speaks or acts, or represents in the REAL name of another, they do it by authority or in their behalf, as their representativepart; as in the name of the people. Authority, behalf. . . 

(Note 2: the WORD in [Brackets] denotes true reverence to the ONE SOVEREIGN SUPREME AUTHORITY, and NOT some "lower case" quasi--pretend-a-being of a "fiction" form the "fallen carnally minded." such as FAKE "god" or "lord" ETC) 

      Re-View . . .  10. "In Scripture, the name of [GOD] signifies [HIS] titles, [HIS] attributes, [HIS] will or purpose,, [HIS] honor and glory, [HIS] [WORD] [HIS] grace, [HIS] wisdom, power and goodness, [HIS] worship or service, or [YHWH HIMSELF!]

(Again. . . Words in [Brackets] denote SOVEREIGN  and SUPREME AUTHORITY, and not some lower case being or some lower form of a false creator! )  

     So "name" did NOT just denote, signify, or even pertain just to a "Pronoun," NOR a "CHANGED pagan used pronoun,” but referred wholly, and directly to the ENTIRE CREATOR WORD, [YHWH] with ALL the attributes, will, purpose, honor and glory, grace, wisdom, power and goodness and HOW the CREATOR is supposed to be referenced or worshiped, such as looking to SEE No. 4 Reputation; character; 

Character: [kar-ik-ter] –noun

1. the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing.

.one such feature or trait; characteristic2.

3. moral or ethical quality: a man of fine, honorable character.

4. qualities of honesty, courage, or the like; integrity.: 

(Emphasis added for focus!) 

ISBE) Copied with BOLD added . . .

International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia. (namsheÌmónoma; Latin nomen (2 Esd 4:1); verbs, onomázo; Latin nomino (2 Esd 5:26  "the name" often came to stand for the person., of some circumstance affecting him, hope entertained concerning him, etc., so that In Scripture, names were generally descriptive of the person, of his position is that by which a person, place or thing is marked and known. A "name”)

     Yes that said. . . ."In Scripture, names were generally descriptive of the , of [HIS] position!" person.

NOT just a false pagan Pronoun of a pagan false diety equalling Hey Zeus ! 

Not just knowing a historical totally MISS-Translated "Pronoun” name . . .Example . . .

 QUOTE:  Many DIVINELY INSPIRED, and that is what this TOPIC is all about, Hebrew names were or are Attributes, Traits, character descriptive, or the NATURE of the DIVINE CREATOR, such as

 YAHUSAH= the One who Delivered(Paleo Hebrew)Yahusha Joshua was really

  is a vow, or the WORD is my oath. [YHWH as YAHUAH]

MyIsabella = is gracious [YHWH = YAHUAH]      

Yohn = [YHWH, as YAHUAH] His name is      

Samuel =is my might[YHWH is YAHUAH]       

      NOTE: Try real hard not to get "mentally disturbed" because "your" name is not mentioned here, as these were an "example" for the ATTRIBUTES of the CREATOR, and not to give anyone any more excuses for unneeded boastings to the created! If you are "created in HIS IMAGE," and not the image of the "fallen," it should not bother you that your personal proper noun name was NOT listed! Besides when someone really "loves the WORDS of CREATION," with all their beings, they only look to give the WORD ALL the credit, ALL the worship, and ALL the homage, always, to the ONE (SINGLE) COMPLETE ALL EXISTANT CREATOR, rather to them-selves! 

    SO if you look to see, you would see that the "name" of the Original CREATOR is NOT just a noun, but also the CHARACTER or NATURE which is more important than any historical noun, because there are hundreds of different noun "names" in hundreds of different languages, and NOT all of them mean the same CHARACTER and NATURE of the DIVINE CREATOR!  Besides the pagan word / god derived from the word gawd from the pagan German language.

    God or god and Lord or lord are (forever were and forever will be) in first place are ONLY PAGAN pronouns, and NOT even a Proper Noun name since the same three letters denote to g-o-d  or g-o-d-s are in the pagan practices.

Again, God or god or Lord or lord are NOT a Proper Noun Names of the Supreme Divine Being of the Torah, nor the FATHER of Abraham [Avarham as Hebrew pronounciation.] YHWH [YAHUAH (Paleo-Hebrew)] which would be the ORIGINAL HEBREW to English transliteration of the ONE and ONLY DIVINE CREATOR and, NOT a "pagan" description pronoun of a [false] pagan god. And wou will never find existence of the [A NAME "YHWH" YAHUAH pertaining to any pagan God or gods, nor Lord or lords. NEVER, in any ancient writings.

      Why is it way more important to be "made in the IMAGE" of the "CHARACTER or NATURE," of the DIVINE CREATOR, name in "your" language?  HIS Proper Noun besides just knowing about

Reason: Mat  7:21 "Not every one that says unto ME, LORD, LORD, ( G2062, koo'-ree-os, From kuros (supremacy); supreme in authority. . .) shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, but they that do the will of MY FATHER which is in heaven."  Most just "SAY" pronoun pagan word God / gods, but NEVER "do the WILL of the WHOLE WORD!”  

     Yes, you may, (very shameful low percentage worthless servants,) "cast out daemons, heal the sick, even raise the dead,” with the Pronoun name, but if you do not "DO the COMPLETE WILL of the WORDS of CREATION,” you are going to hear "Depart from ME . . .  you who continued to sin!" (ORIGINAL TEXT!) 

    AGAIN QUOTE: . . "In Scripture, the name of [YHWH YAHUAH] signifies His titles, His attributes, His will or purpose . . . His honor and glory, His [WORD], His grace, His wisdom, power and goodness, His worship or service, or [YHWH] Himself. "

    (WORDS "CAPITALIZED" to denote "SUPREME DEITY, and or SOVEREIGN POSITION," and not one of the mixed Upper and lower forms of the make believe false "creators" / FALSE Gods = gods!" ALSO YHWH asYAHUAH was REPLACED, by heathens, over 7000 times to hide the real Paleo Hebrew [YAHUAH] to ENGLISH ORIGINAL WORD, rather than the heathen / pagan German name for their (false) "god / lord.”  

   So ALLOW us to LOOK at the ORIGIN of the so-called "New Testament,” NAME IOSOS BEFORE the  "bastard” letter " J " began to "CREEP IN” to the English language in the MIDDLE 1400 to 1600 Hundreds AD.

Referring to the so-called name from GREEK, which is a "CHANGED" attempt to "add to or take away form" situation:  QUOTING, [see link below. . . ]

"Iesous" was NOT then the proper way to translate the "intent" of the NAME given the MASHIAK that YAHUAH is salvation’ even in Greek or Latin. The Greek word for "salvation" is Strong’s entry 4991 soterion it is NOT sous. [emphasis added]

Strong's Number: 4992

soterion, adjective. Meaning saving, bringing salvation he who embodies this salvation, or through whom [YHWH] is about to achieve it the hope of (future) salvation

   So if the translators were even true to their own language it would not have been translated "Jesus" or "Iesous" but rather "Iasoterion". It must be obvious by this point where the suffix "h" came from. Jesus holds to the Greek tradition of naming people after their pagan gods of the Pantheon… Zeus."  [End of quote, with Fair use information only copied and pasted from :]

   So "HEY Zeus" is what the "translators" wanted everyone to say when the were referring to Jesus or Iesus. BUT... YAHUSHA or YA-HOO-SHA [Paleo-Hebrew Pronunciation before the Modern Yiddish / Greek "changed" (added and or subtracted form the book and "changed" HIS NAME into their pagan names of their false Gods or gods and or Lord or lords..

*The Acts of the Apostles," by Jackson and Laeke and "Jesus--- This is the regular Greek translation of the Hebrew Joshua."

[NOTE: if it were a "Greek translation of the Hebrew then even "carnal common sense” (if there be any such "thing,”) than it would be totally closer to the "Hebrew” spelled / translatedY-A-H-U-S-H-A (Paleo Hebrew) with a " Y " rather than MISS-TRANSLATING it with a " J " that did NOT exist in English language, or written into the English alphabet until 1700 to 1750 AD. Which means 1700 ( + or -) YEARS AFTER YAHUSHA was implailed on a STAKE.]

*Smith's Bible Dictionary:

"Jesus Christ ---- The name Jesus means the Savior [actually the "ONE WHO DELIVERED,"] and was a common name, derived from the ancient Hebrew [Y]AHUSHA."

[Actual a " Y " since it was actually "derived from the ancient Hebrew.]

*A dictionary of the Bible, by James Hastings

"Jesus -- The Greek form of the name Ioshua or Ieshua. Ieshua ---- Yahweh is Salvation or Yahweh is opulence."

[NOTE: that is what is termed as a : MISS-Translation, by MISS-Converting the " Y with an actual "Greek Letter of an " I " since most of "US” who are "made in the IMAGE of HIS NATURE / CHARACTER," and not just a MISS-Translated "pronoun,” can see there was NO " J " in the GREEK, nor anything that has the " G " nor " J " SOUND.    AND it did NOT SOUND like " HEY IESUS, = "Hey Zeus = Hail Zeus”

AGAIN, Ask any Spanish speaking person how they say the mis-translated Greek false name of Jesus in Spanish, and they will say "IESUS" with NO " J" and sounds exactly like "Hey Zeus which means "Hail Zeus," and is evidence of the actal "cover-up" to force care-less souls to worship the false god and MYTH, Zeus. 

*Alford's Greek New Testament, An Exegetical and Critical Comment ary:

"Jesus -- The same name as Joshua, the former deliverer of Israel."

[NOTE: Even a "blind dog can find part of a Bone, if the "grave yard” is large enough, so being "half-right” is still being HALF WRONG. So HIS NAME Started with an Hebrew " YA " and Sounded like a "YAH,” and than added to the "o-s-h-u-a” (OSHUA) would be SPELLED "YOSHUA” (Modren Hebrew / Yiddish,) and NOT with any " J " since it the NAME WAS FROM the H-E-B-R-E-W.’ and besides, the Greek Language does have a LETTER " Y " in it’s alphabet, so the more totally MISS-Translation with a " J " (Jesus) was MISS-Translated for an evil purpose, [and all d-evil’s kids say a-man!]

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Religion:

"Jesus (The Name) --- Matthew's gospel explains it as symbolic of His mission, 'For he will save His people from their sins.' This agrees with the popular meaning as 'Yahweh saves..." p.1886    

. ]poor PROPER NOUN usage case to the first letter in the word " His." Rather a very Upper [NOTE: same as above. Notice they applied a lower case letter to "he" and then applied a

Catholic Encyclopedia:

"The Sacred Name ---- The word Jesus is the Latin form of the Greek "Iesous" which in turn is the transliteration of the Hebrew Jeshua, or Joshua, or again Jehoshua, meaning 'Jehovah is Salvation' " Vol. 8, p. 374

[Again using the " J " and the gall to state . . ."is the transliteration of the Hebrew," and and only the most ignorant people would "FALL" for that false conjecture.

 Also NOTE: the meaning of the word "Transliteration” trans·lit·er·ate  (trăns-lĭt′ə-rat′, tranz-)
tr.v. trans·lit·er·at·ed, trans·lit·er·at·ing, trans·lit·er·ates
To r
So to be an ACCURATE "transliteration' there had to exist a actual "corresponding characters of another alphabet," but .....

1. There existed NO " J " nor " J " sound nor any Letter(s) in Hebrew

And a matter of TRUTH, a  MISS-Translation, but given a fancy sounding word to confuse the already still carnally "double minded” . . ["confused” equals conned-fused, or "fused by a con,” or a Fake or LIE.)2. NO " J " nor " J " sound in the Greek language or alphabet(s).

*Interpreter's Bible: (Note on Matt. 1:21)

"Jesus: for He shall save: The play on words (Yeshua, Jesus; yoshia, shall save) is possible in Hebrew but not in Aramaic. The name Joshua means "Y is salvation"

[Again NOTE: 1. How a "changed" letter in one language equal an actual letter in another? 2. And since there exists a actual " Y " in the Hebrew language, than there is NO TRUTHFUL EXCUSE to anyone using anything OTHER than the Letter " Y ” for the Hebrew NAME "YESHUA” or "YEHOSHUA.” or better and actua ORIGINAL Paleo- Hebrew as YAHASAHA. NO EXCUSE! NONE! Being totally ignorant is no excuse neither!]

*Matthew Henry's Commentary

(on Matthew 1:21)

"YAHUSHA" is the same name with Yahusha, as the one who led the Ysraelites out of the Wilerness and into the "Pormised Land," the termination only being changed, for the sake of conforming it to the greek." [ NOTE: same as any of the  "Above” notes that MISS-Taken-ly used a MISS-Translated " J " instead of the " Y " found both in the English, and Hebrew alphabets / Languages.

So why NOT use a " Y "? HUH?]

NOW FOR THE "TRANSFORMATION” BACK to the ORIGINAL "NAME” CHARACTER AND NATURE…. OF THE ONE "WHO DELIEVERED HIS PEOPLE FORM THEIR SINS.”   (See and Live Matt: 1: 21 than Hebrews 9: 26B and 10: 10 and than 1 John 3: 5 thru 9)


 STRONG’S: H3091 Yehoshua 

 in New Hebrew ) Yehoshua· =  with vowel pointing(

Yes that SAID under  . . . . Variant spelling. . . Variant spelling for the word:  ישוע (Strongs and Gesenilus)   …. YEHUSHA in the Paleo Hebrew ) 

SO  the MISS-Translated LIE has been destroyed by the TRUTH that HIS NAME was, is, and will be for-ever be  or YEHOSHUA in the New Hebrew, (Greek, English, French, ECT, ECT, ECT, ECT)



And try real HARD NOT to "make up something that is NOT THERE, such as a " J .”


    There is a "Gimel” but then the SOUND of that letter in fort of "eshua” would be pronounced "GAH-shua,” as in the English word "gusher, and then the MISS-Translated name Hebrew to English would SOUND like "GAH-shua.” Not "Gees-us!” as the LIARS try to push-out.



OR Let us "play". . .  find the " J " or " J " SOUND in the "FOLLOWING” . . .


The "following” chart shows the MOST ANCIENT ALPHABETS

and NO  " J " NOR  " J " SOUNDING LETTER for the "FOLLOWING” . . .. 

Please NOTICE the Last Colume on the RIGHT because 



There is NO " J " or "sound: of " J "in this next chart in the GREEK EITHER!


And "you” so-called Christians are SUPPOSED to be "FOLLOWERS” of some "NAME?” RIGHT?



      There was a fictional attempt to convince the world that there were  " J " in the Greek, but the LIE stated something like this... "the " J "  became obsolete because of the lack of use.” LIE LIE LIE LIE! But they use the " Z " so much they keep the " Z " and ditched the un-used " J ." If you believe that one, I will sell you the Brooklyn bridge located in Tibet.

But the most ancient copy of the Greek alphabet is shown in the chart just above.

And there are NO " J or " J " SOUND in that chart EITHER!

    And AGAIN.... the ABSOLUTE FACT: is there were NO " J " in any English text (written material) until the 1400 or 1500 (Hundred) and WAS NOT in used in PRINTED use until second decade or around 1720 - 37 AD. AND… NO " J " in the Greek, Hebrew EVER.  SEE the 1611 Authorised  King James Version and than LOOK at the 1736 PRETENDED  Authorized Version. [NOTE: King James DIED in 1625 so how did he "authorize" a version that came 111 YEARS LATER? Ansewer: He didn't .]

SO  . . . FACT:

     So Most ALL of the "Carnally minded pretenders of Christianity” use a MISS-TRANSLATED "NAME” starting with a "MISS-TRANSLATED LETTER” that did NOT HAVE ANY "SOUNDequivalent to " JUH " nor a " G " SOUND in Hebrew, NOR in Greek. NOR did that "MISS-TRANSLATED "NAME” used any MIDDLE ENGLISH SOUND to that of a " I " or a " SOUND JUST A " Y " SUOND

SO "HIS Hebrew NAME” was NEVER / EVER: Jesus …. with a "  J " NOR an " I in the ORIGINAL HEBREW Language, as Numbers 13: 16 

  " Y " in  "YAHUSHA”  and  "YA-HOO-SAHI" IF anything close to that of the HEBREW.

See the reference of  "Mosha called "Hoshea" (Modern Hebrew transliteration]

And NOT any LATIN SOUND as in " I " SOUND for " I " but a " Y "  SOUND as in "YAH” as in  the Hebrew LETTER " YOD " in the Hebrew, which "YEHUSHA” in Modern Hebrew and "YAHUSHA" YHWSH in ORIGINAL Hebrew where HIS NAME came DIRECTLY FORM.

~~~~~~~~~~~ oooOOOOooo ~~~~~~~~~~~