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JUDGMENT by WHO? . . .

the WORD is the ONLY JUDGE of judges.

Before anyone spews forth any conjectures that ANYTHING is being judged by "my" standards . . .

   ALLOW the WORD supply an answer to "Judgment by WHO?" . . . . certainly NOT the "UN-Wholly" with the "beams in their eyes," but THE WORD is to be the JUDGE of judges! And since the WORD is the JUDGE of judges, than someone is supposed to be a "judge" to have the JUDGE be JUDGE THROUGH! And since most do not listen, to obey to the ONE beating the "loaner" heart, that was loaned to them . . . . to ONLY DO HIS WILL, than the WORD JUDGES through HIS CREATED!

And BEFORE someone spews forth the lie that the WORD was only called the "JUDGE of judges" only in the book of Judges . . . . we will START here . . . .

 The "following"  is about 1000 years AFTER the Book of Judges, during King Cyrus 559 BC, or about  559 years Before the MACHIACH. we find . . .

    Ezra 7:25 "And you, Ezra, after the wisdom of your CREATOR [ * YHWH / YAHUAH *SEE below], that is in your hand, set magistrates and judges, which may judge all the people that are beyond the river, all such as know the laws of your CREATOR [YHWH / YAHUAH],  and you teach them that know them not."  [What was in Ezra's "hand?" Answer: the TORAH. pronounced TOO-RAH.]

1. One "by the WISDOM of the WORD, in HIS hand," [the TORAH or the Tanakh,] the LAW of YHWH / YAHUAH, (NOT the so-called "law of Moses," nor the laws of "man" but the LAW OF the ONE DIVINE CREATOR.) 

2. Two "which may judge all the people that are beyond the river,"  WOW that said "ALL the PEOPLE BEYOND THE RIVER!" And 1000 years AFTER the . . .

3. Three "judges, which may judge". . . all such as know the laws of YHWH / YAHUAH, " There you have the "judges may judge ALL the people beyond the river, as who KNOW the LAWS" / Precepts / Demands / Requirements of YHWH / YAHUAH / the WORD of CREATION! Meaning if someone does NOT KNOW the LAWS of YHWH / YAHUAH, and only go by "hearsay" by some "hireling," and do NOT have a wholly PERSONAL experience with the LAWS of YHWH / YAHUAH, they SHOULD NOT BE A JUDGE!  

These are they that do NOT believe (be and LIVE) the PRECEPTS found in the TORAH and Prophets, and SHOULD not be set up as any kind of "judge," such as pastor, preacher, teacher who DO NOT KNOW THE WHOLE LAW OF YHWH / YAHUAH. ( that is the WORD, WHO is CREATOR.)

4. Four FIRST: "you teach them [the judges which may judge] that do NOT know them  [the LAWS of YHWH / YAHUAH."

Do you Understand yet, or you having problems between the TRUTH and "your" doctrines of man, that TRY to make the LAWS, and WORDS of YHWH / YAHUAH,  of no effect to all the PEOPLE that are to "BE JUDGED BEYOND the river?"

     LEARN THE LAWS OF YHWH / YAHUAH, FROM the WORDS of YHWH / YAHUAH OR do not TRY to judge anyone! Especially those of us who KNOW the LAWS, precepts, ideals, and JUDGMENTS of YHWH / YAHUAH!

     NOW, again the ONLY JUDGE of ALL mankind including "you," and me, and everyone, is the Entire WHOLE and complete WORDS of CREATION! NOT just some or "parts," fragments, bits and pieces of the WHOLE . . . . BUT THE WHOLLY WORD WHO IS BEATING the so-called "human heart!"

Did you see the WORD "may judge all the people that are beyond the river" in Ezra 7:25, as a statement of FACT?

Do you know just who "may judge all the people that are beyond the river is referring to in that statement of FACT?

The WORDS of CREATION PROVIDED the ANSWER as stated in 1Cor. 6: 2 -5. . . .

    "Do you not know that the saints shall judge the world? And if the world shall be judged by you, are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters?"
1Co 6:3 "Know you not that we shall judge angels? How much more things that pertain to this life?"
1Co 6:4 "If then you have judgments of things pertaining to this life, set them to judge who are least esteemed in the church."
1Co 6:5 "I speak to your shame. Is it so, that there is not any wise by the WORD among you? No, not one that is able to judge between your brethren?"

Judge: G2919, kree'-no, Properly to distinguish, that is, decide (mentally or judicially); by implication to try, condemn, punish.

"Judge the smallest of matters."[in]a tribunal [judgement]("criterion"), that is, (by implication) rule of judging G2923; a

1.) The JUDGE of judges stated (not me as I am NOT the "Judge" of judges!) "Do you not know that the saints shall judge the world?" 1Cor.  6: 2  

WELL NOW .... SO DO YOU NOW KNOW that "SAINTS shall JUDGE the world?"  YES OR NO?

     You may not have known that the JUDGE, of the appointed judges stated that "the SAINTS shall JUDGE the world?"

BUT NOW, do you know the TRUTH that "saints shall judge the world?"  Yes  or NO?

     Who is the "world?" Answer is any, and and ALL those who more than likely, do not want to be "judged," by even "the SAINTS" who the WORD HIMSELF commanded, and DEMANDED, RIGHT HERE in HIS OWN WORDS, that we "SAINTS" are to "judge the world!"
Do you know, by the WORDS of WISDOM, here, just who the "world" pertains to exactly, NOW?

ALL those persons, who are NOT "SAINTS" . . .  ARE TO JUDGE THE WORLD.... (that was really NOT a question that needs to be debated, nor side-stepped, but the TRUTH that must be OBEYED.)

     EVERYONE who does NOT know enough, of these WORDS of CREATION, supplied by the LIVING WORD, ALONG with ALL who do NOT OBEY ALL the WORD themselves in order to even know "that saints are to judge them," ARE THE "WORLD."

     In other words, "E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E" who are sinners who are "still of the world,"  NO matter if they CALL themselves "the MACHIACHian" or WHATEVER, if they are still "of the world," and act and "look like it," or even smell like "the world," than they are to "BE JUDGED" by "the saints!"

2.) The "JUDGE of judges" stated  . . .  "and [since] the world shall be judged by you, are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters."

 also!' "even in the smallest of matters," . . . . and . . . .  "to judge the world" we are supposed YHWH / YAHUAH say 'Yes "saints"And only the

     WOW if you can SEE TO OBEY,  the WORDS of CREATION said . . . "you saints are not unworthy to judge the smallest of matters?"

     Did you "SEE" those WORDS, "are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters" by the WORDS of CREATION? Yes or NO?

     And are "YOU" a "DOER of the WORD rather than a reader or hearer ONLY." Yes or NO?

   Are you a "SAINT" according to the WORDS of CREATION, who OBEYS the WORDS of CREATION, fully, WHOLLY, and completely 100% of the hours that you are awake? Yes or NO?

DISOBEDIENT pretender of some self-styled religion!and are just a NOT a "saint!" unless you are "the smallest of MATTERS," according to these WORDS of CREATION, must cover "EVEN THE SMALLEST of MATTERS"With     

This was referring to ONLY "saints" who are supposed to be ”worthy to judge the smallest matters "  not ANY sinners, big or little ones!

NOW this is VERY important that you "GET this QUOTE . . . .

       "Know you not that we shall judge angels? How much more things that pertain to this life?"
       Do you KNOW that "saints" = "we" the  CONSECRATED / WHOLLY DEDICATED, "we" who know this WORD rightly, by the ability and WISDOM of the WORDS, THEMSELVES, are demanded right here, in HIS OWN WORDS, to even "JUDGE angels?" DOUBLE "WOW,": I bet UN-believers do NOT believe that someone, other than sinners, or the "worldly," who do not OBEY these WORDS of CREATION, also do NOT believe that someone, who is NOT a sinner, is supposed to JUDGE them BY THESE WORDS!

3.) You should know that "saints," NOT" sinners, are the "we"[saints] shall JUDGE angles?"

      WOW! The WORD said THAT! To bad that "most of the worldly" can not SEE to READ the WORD THEMSELVES, and than LIVE THE DEMANDS, but they choose NOT to be SAINTS who KNOW THE WORDS

4.) The WORD'S that the WORD used here, are of Prime importance which are. . . 

"how much more things that pertain to this life?"           

     If you LOVED and OBEY WORDS of CREATION, here, you would LOOK up the word "THINGS," as though each WORD, "is the actual bread of life," and you would find that . . . .
"Things" means
a . . . a matter of concern : AFFAIRS
b . . . plural, state of affairs in general or within a specified or implied sphere
c . . . a particular state of affairs : SITUATIONS
e . . . DEEDS, ACTS
f . . . a product of work or activity[ies]
g . . . the aim of effort or activity[ies]
h . . . a separate and distinct individual quality, facts, ideas.
i . . . motives or reasons for any actions or reactions.

      So to place that Completed understanding of the WORD "THINGS", as a true "Revelation" BY THE WORDS, (not me) on the factual statement "BY the WORD," we SEE "how much more things that pertain to this life?"


Comprehend these WORDS yet?

     And these WORDS told ONLY the "saints," that they, the "saints," and NOT any "sin stained" souls, still sinning, are to "JUDGE THINGS that pertain to this LIFE" . . . BY HIS WORD, as a logical standard of Wisdom, for the Proper Judgment of "EVERYTHING that pertains to this life!"

And that is what the WORDS of CREATION stated! Praise the WORD FOREVER!

HOW do just the "saints" judge "EVERYTHING," even the smallest of matters?

     Answer IS ONLY the "saints". . . . by the WORDS of WISDOM because,  ". . . a double-minded soul, is NOT dependable in all their ways!" James 1: 8

     Do you know who the "double-minded" are who are NOT suppose to "JUDGE" because they, themselves are "NOT" dependable in ALL their ways?"

Answer: Sinners!

Sinners are ALL who . . . . .

1. OBEY the "fallen" mind, and some PRETEND to "TRY" to obey the RISEN WORD!

2. A double-minded soul - Anyone of two minds, wills, and or emotions, or desires, longings, who have any desire for worldly THINGS, and pretend-a-desires for heavenly things! Anyone who wishes to secure both worlds, they will not give up "the things of this present EVIL world," enough. And to be SINGLE minded for the THINGS heavenly Existence, just like "ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!" TOTALLY! This was a usual term among anyone, or ALL who PRETEND to LOVE the WORDS of CREATION, and yet retain the love of the FALLEN creature. The lovers of the creation, RATHER than the lovers of the WORDS of CREATION!

      ALL who are "NON-saints" who are truly "double-minded [and] not dependable in all their ways!"

      Again. . . Any and ALL who have dual or TWO opposing  concepts, precepts, such as one good and one EVIL! Such as 1. One power of the RISEN WORDS, 2. and another so-called power of the "FALLEN" nature!

     OR 1. one ideal, of the human life, controlling the mind, will and emotions, desires and then 2. pretenders of loving the precepts of the "heavenly" rule and reign! The WORDS of CREATION getting a "part time" job on the THRONE of their souls!

     ONWARD in the MIGHTY WORDS. . . . as QUOTED . . .  "then you have judgments of things pertaining to this life, set them to judge who are least esteemed in the church." 

    DID YOU SEE those WORDS? And do you know just exactly what those WORDS mean?  Yes or NO?

    Did you "STUDY" those WORDS, just like you really LOVED these WORDS of WISDOM?  Yes or NO?

    Are you "saintly" enough to OBEY these SINGLE minded WORDS of WISDOM?  Yes or NO?

    Is the "fellowship" that you gather with, OBEYING these WORDS, by "going into ALL the world," to JUDGE the world by OBEYING these exact Demands of these WORDS? Or are you one, who is UN-stable, who is NOT a "saint" who is still desiring "the love of the world in you?" Which?

     NOW the WORDS of CREATION said again QUOTE . . . "then you have judgments of things pertaining to this life."
That is TWICE that the WORDS of CREATION SAID THAT AGAIN, so it must mean some THING really important, since the WORD inspired that statement TWICE within two verses, of just who are the ONLY ones who are mentioned by these WORDS, here to "have judgments of things pertaining to this life!"  The ONLY PURELY LOGICAL answer is . . . . ONLY the S-A-I-N-T-S ([saints.])

     Did any of you REAL "OBEYERS of the WORD," SEE the word "sinners," or UN-YAHUAHly, or almost righteous, sometimes holy, or part time YAHUAHly, in any of those WORDS, as the ones who are to "JUDGE" any "THINGS pertaining to this LIFE?"

ANSWER . . . NO just the "saints" who are "least esteemed in the church."

    And who are the "least esteemed in the church?"
Are they the "saints" who are NOT placed UP on a LEVEL above the rest of the BODY?

     What does the WORD SAY HERE, , , OH yes, those who are "least esteemed in the church."

     Are you and "YOUR" denomination doing these WORDS exactly, as TRUE "followers of the WORD?"  YES or NO?

above the rest of the NOT elevated to the "higher more lofty positions" who are "saints" are ALL Then the     
SINCE NO truly "sanctified soul" will never, ever allows themselves to be "esteemed above others! "   

    The "saints" who have NOT taken "special" seats in FRONT of the rest, and have NOT received special "name tags," as MOST REVEREND So and So, or Pastor specially anointed priest, or Special Bishop Potentate, or father what's their name, or evangelists, OR "deacon," you-know-who, and on and on and on!

    "Saints" that KNOW that the MISS-TRANSLATIONS of "mans" ministries, that belong to the "FALLEN" still sin stained souls, who make special "lofty" words, or special labels for their "fallen" followers to LOOK UP to, rather than the "least esteemed in the church." You know the ones who name "THEIR" ministries after "themselves!"

    "Saints," and NOT the "almost sanctified," are "judges," who have NOT "placed themselves" in the "lofty" positions, above others, WITHOUT the WHOLE WORD of YHWH / YAHUAH as JUDGE of judges, like these WORDS right here!

    NOW for the PRIME verse of this "contextual situation," of just"WHO is to JUDGE" WHO?

    Try to really get a full "Revelation" on the "FOLLOWING" WORDS!
QUOTE  . . .

    ”I speak to your shame. Is it so, that there is not a wise among you? No, not one that shall be able to judge between their brethren?" 

SEE the WORDS "speak to your SHAME!"
The Living WORDS stated "Is it so, that there is not a wise man among you? No, not one that shall be able to judge between their brethren?"

     This is a "REBUKE by the WORD" (not Paul, nor me,) but only the WORDS of the Living CREATOR, WHO "speaks to YOUR SHAME!" As a rebuke, that the professing "the MACHIACH-likens," or the pretend-a-the MACHIACHians, or ALL the ones who just "call" themselves" the MACHIACHians, or those who "are NOT yet "WISE" enough by the entire WORD of CREATION, directly QUOTED to "be able to judge between your brethren?"

     And just how are you, who are NOT "WISE in the WORD" supposed to FEEL according this verse? Answer, the WORD, WHO IS CREATOR of some of us stated the WORD as . . . .  "SHAME!"

 Do you feel any "shame" if you do not know or live these WORDS? Yes or No?

     If you do NOT know and live these WORDS, and do not feel "shame," are you trying to believe that these ALL WISDOM WORDS, are making a mistake about you, here, NOW?  Yes of NO?

Is YHWH / YAHUAH, the Living WORD wrong, and are your "special sinners" doctrine right? Answer IS NO!

     OR could it be that you have been "resisting the SPIRIT of WHOLENESS," and or "Completeness" and or "FINISHED for ever of only good works," and one of those who do not obey enough of these WORDS, to have any "ability to judge" between the body of the MACHIACH, and the world, even in the "LEAST of the MATTERS?"

    OR are you the one who is totally WRONG, and to "double-minded," and NOT dependable in ALL "YOUR" ways, to OBEY these WORDS of YHWH / YAHUAH, the Living WORD?

    NOW did you get the WORDS into you  who is to "judge?" BY THE WORD of YAHUAH? (Hint: "the least esteemed saints.")

    Did that REPLACE the "your not supposed to judge me" whine, moan, whimper that the "partial  readers" of the WORD, who do NOT have "Eyes to SEE,"  nor "Ears to HEAR," these WORDS of the JUDGE of judges?

    And just what are the "saints are to judge," according to the WORD?
ANSWER: all that be the "things that pertain to this life!"

    Who are the "least esteemed of the church / BODY of the MACHIACH," of the LIVING WORD?
Are the pastors, priests, preachers, teachers, evangelists, prophets, bishops, popes, cardinals, ETC, ETC, ETC, who are RAISED above ALL others on the HIGH podiums, or raised platforms, or those who are "least esteemed" in the BODY of REAL believers, who are supposed to "judge?"

    Just who are to "JUDGE BETWEEN the body of Believers?" (exact WORDS)
ANSWER: ONLY those who "least esteemed WHO KNOW / OBEY THESE WORDS, and who that do not leave PARTS of the WORD out for living, and "obeying." IN OTHER WORDS the "saints," who are the no-bodies, with-OUT the "documents" and "credentials" of the elevated above others, crowd!

    "The Least Esteemed" were the FIRST BODY of believers who were looked upon as "UNSCHOOLED fishermen!" They were perceived as such, without plaques, and certificates of title, or credentials of completion of some "bible" college, they did not have all the  "doctorates" and "man made" papers of acceptance! " No just real "UNSCHOOLED fishermen!" And NOT one of the 120, or the 3000 that was "ADDED to the BODY of believers, on the "Day of Pentecost" had any "degree in the MACHIACHology, or even theology of the WAY of the WORDS of CREATION for the NEW TESTIMONY Body! AND NO HAD A "bible" to stay in any "church" so they could HIDE themselves from (the other) "LOST in tresspasses and sins."

    When "we" who OBEY theseWORDS," who are the "judges" in the REAL "BODY," BY THE WORD, or the "least esteemed" of the body of the MACHIACH, who KNOW the WORD, and LIVE by ALL the WORD, and not by some UNsanctified "man's teaching" via his/her  "version," from the "raised" platforms!

    THE "SAINTS shall JUDGE the WORLD," who know and OBEY enough of these WORDS to even "JUDGE BETWEEN the brethren"

    So if you DON'T know these WORDS enough, to be able to OBEY these WORDS to "judge the world," around you, than you do NOT know the WORDS of "righteousness and completeness" to be HIS CREATED! YET!

    HE said, QUOTE: "Why do you call me Lord, Lord when you do not do what I say?" Luke 6: 46 SO STOP calling HIM LORD if you choose NOT to OBEY these WORDS to be saints enough to JUDGE THE WORLD, even in the least of these MATTERS.

    Saints . . . .  and NOT sinners, are to "judge the world," by HIS WORD here and NOW!

    And If you are NOT a "saint," and are NOT OBEYING these DEMANDS of the WORD". than STOP pretending you KNOW HIM, or know anything about HIM!

*The WORD / YHWH / YAHUAH [Y-H-W-H] is the Paleo-Hebrew NAME / Proper Noun of the ONE DIVINE CREATOR, and NOT the "changed" Modrine Yiddish / Hebrew name YHVH, nor the even more pagan USED words, YAHUAH or Lord, invented by the still fallen, carnally minded pagans. and heathens alsoabuse use and abuse.

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NOT the fake "love of the world."

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