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Re-Creation or the Rebirth?



The following is a three year "study," (up to 16 hours per day) of allowing the ORIGINAL WORDS of CREATION, to be placed back into what they were "in the beginning!" 

The following is also the actual WORD meanings of the Hebrew to English and Greek to English, wordage and root words derived from the Strongs Exhaustive Concordance 1890, 1960, at the time their "inspiration," into written letters, and books, and not later meanings when translated 1500 (plus or minus) years LATER!                                  

The final witness and JUDGE was by the unction of the WHOLLY SPIRIT of the DIVINE LIVING WORD of CREATION, and NOT the "versions" of the "fallen" sin stained translators! 

Most of the ORIGINAL WORDS, verses are from the so-called New Testament, but there are some references form the so-called Old Testament.           

Please proceed if you really want to abide, exist and live the WORDS of TRUTH, rather than the mind of the "fallen!"

May you be absorbed wholly into the ORIGINAL WORDS of CREATION.

The BOLDED WORDS after the "changed" (non bolded) words are the ORIGINAL Hebrew and Greek to English meaning, before defilement.

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Re-creation or the Rebirth?
“…all things are created new.” Really! (2 Cor, 5:17)

Lev.19:2, 'Speak to all the congregation, multitude, of the children of Israel, and say, charge, demand, command unto them,You shall be holy, sacred, pure, a saint for I the Lord, [the WORD] your GOD /CREATOR am holy / pure / whole.' 20:7, 'Sanctify, consecrate, be holy, purify yourselves therefore and be holy, pure, a saint, for I as the Lord, [the WORD] your GOD /CREATOR, and you shall keep My statutes, customs, manners, decrees and do them, I am the Lord, [the WORD], which sanctifies, [creates] holiness, purity in you.' (this is GOD creating His holy ones just as . . . .  "LET there be Light")

Duet.7:6, 'For you are [now] a holy, pure people unto the Lord [the WORD] your GOD /CREATOR, your [only] CREATOR has chosen / designed [Past Tense] you to be a special, treasured proper, good [virtue]  people unto Himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.'

Job15:6, 'Your own mouth condemns, declares wrongs, makes trouble [for] you, and yet not I, the WORD, your own lips testify, afflict, give account, bear witness against you.'

Ps.18:30, 'As for [the WORD], His way is perfect, entire, complete, without spot, undefiled, whole. It is [the WORD], that grids, binds me with strength and makes my way perfect, entire, complete, undefiled, whole. 50:23, '…To [them] that orders, considers, determines [their] conversation / behavior, actions, path aright will I show the deliverance by the Lord, [the WORD].'

Pr. 3:5, 'Trust in the [WORD] with all your mind, feelings, will, intellect and lean, support, rely not one’s self, rely NOT on your own understanding, knowledge, wisdom.' 6:2, 'You are snared, trapped by the words of your [own] mouth.' 10:31a, 'The mouth of the holy, complete bring forth wisdom.' 12:6b, 'the WORDS of the holy shall deliver them.' 18:7, 'A fool’s mouth is his destruction and his lips are the snare. noose, trap of his soul.” v.21, “Death separation and life are in the power of the tongue…' 25:11, 'Whoever keeps /controls their mouth and tongue, keeps their soul from trouble.' 30:5, “Every WORD of GOD is pure, holy, undefiled, HIS [WORDS] are a shield, protector, defense unto them that put their trust, faith, rely upon for (deliverance) in [the WORD].'

Matt.1:21, 'And she shall bring forth a son, and you shall call His name, YEHOSHUA, for He shall deliver /separate His people from their sins.' 5:6, 'Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after holiness, purity, completeness for they shall be filled. Blessed are the compassionate for they shall obtain compassion. Blessed are the pure, clean in mind for they shall see, gaze upon with wide open eyes discern, perceive GOD, [the WORD], [LOVE].' v.10, 'blessed are they which are persecuted, pressed toward, pursued, followed after, or fled from, for holiness, purity, sake, for theirs is the kingdom, rule, realm, reign of heaven.' v.20. 'For I say, invoke, command, speak into existence unto you, ‘That unless your holiness, purity shall exceed, super abound, excel, quantity, quality, abundance, beyond measure, the holiness, purity of the Scribes and Pharisees, you shall not in no case, way enter into the kingdom, rule, realm, reign of heaven.' 6:33, 'But seek, desire, set affections on the kingdom, rule, realm, reign of the WORD], and His holiness…' v.48, 'Be you therefore perfect, mentally and morally complete, even as your Father/ CREATOR in heaven is perfect, mentally and morally complete.' 7:22, 'Many will say to Me in that day Lord, Lord… and in your name, [we have] done many wonderful works?’ And then will I profess, proclaim unto them, I never knew you, depart from Me, you that work, engaged in, committed, labored for sin.' 12:35, 'A good person out of the good treasure of the mind, thoughts, thinking, brings forth good things, words, thoughts or spoken words and an evil person brings forth [from the mind] evil things, words, thoughts or spoken words. But I [the WORD] say to you, ‘That every idle, inactive, useless, barren [uncreative] word that [anyone] shall speak, they shall give account thereof on the day of judgment, for by your words you shall be made innocent and by your words you shall condemn yourself.

Mk 16:16, 'They that believe, trust, rely upon by profession and [are] baptized [in the completed SPIRIT] shall be delivered, but they that believe not (trust, rely upon by profession,) shall be damned.'

Lk.1:68, 'Blessed be the WORD GOD RULER over Israel, for HE has visited and delivered HIS people, and [HE] has raised up a horn of deliverance for us …' v.71, 'That we should be delivered from our enemies, adversaries and from the hand, power, means of all that hate us. To perform, complete, finish the compassion promised, assured, pledged our fathers, and to remember HIS holy, complete pure covenant, the oath HE swore, promised, pledged to Abraham, that HE would grant, bestow, commit, deliver up unto us, that we being delivered out of the hand of our enemies, adversaries, may serve Him without fear, fearlessly in completed, holiness and innocence before Him, all, the days of HIS life.' v.77, 'To give knowledge of deliverance unto His people by the omission, to lay aside, putting away of their sin.' 6:40, 'The disciple is not above their Master, but everyone that is perfect, complete thoroughly, joined together, restored, shall be as their Master.' 8:11, '…The seed is the WORD of CREATION, to all those by the way side are they that hear, then comes the devil, and takes away the WORD our of their minds thoughts, lest they should believe, trust, rely by profession to be delivered.'

Jn.1:1, 'In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was GOD/ CREATOR and the WORD [is] GOD/ CREATOR.' v.3, 'All things were made, created by Him [the WORD] and without, outside of Him / the WORD was not any thing made, created that [is] made, created.' v.12, 'but as many as received, take hold of, seize, accept [the WORD] to them HE gave power, ability, capacity, [publicly] to become [children] of GOD / the WORD, on to them that believe, trust, rely by profession, on His name, character [nature]. Which were born, regenerated [recreated], brought forth, delivered not of blood, nor the will of the fallen carnal nature nor the will of man / humans but of the WORD.' v.29, 'Behold, be sure, be aware, [and] perceive the Lamb of GOD, that takes away, puts away, removes the sin of the world.' 3:3, 'Except a human being be born again, [re-created], they cannot see, know, perceive, understand the kingdom, rule, reign [of the WORD].' v.6b, 'and that which is born [recreated] of the Spirit, wholly divine disposition is the Spirit, wholly divine disposition.' 5:14, '… behold, be sure, be aware [and] perceive  you are made created whole, complete sin /fall short of the ORIGINAL CREATION [any] more…' v.24, 'Truly, truly, I say, call [or speak] into existence unto you, ‘[They] that hear, understand My WORD, and believe, trust, rely by profession, on Him that sent Me has [present tense] everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation, judgment, but is passed [past tense] from [separation] unto life.' 6:29, '… [Jesus said], ‘This is the work of GOD,/CREATOR [LOVE], that you believe, trust, rely by profession on Him, [the WORD] whom He has sent [again].'  v.37, 'All that the Father, ORIGINAL CREATOR gives Me shall come to Me, [by the WORD], and that comes by Me, the WORD, I will no wise cast, reject, expel, leave out.' v.40, 'And this is the will, purpose, desire of Him, the WORD, that sent Me, [again], that everyone which sees the Son, believes, trusts, relies by profession [on the WORD] may have everlasting life…' 8:11, '… CHRIST said unto her, ‘Neither do I condemn you, go and sin / fall short of ORIGINAL CREATION no more.” v.34, “Jesus said unto them, 'Truly, truly, I say unto you, ‘Who-so-ever commits, continues, performs sin is the servant, slave of sin.' 11:25, '… I am the resurrection, raising up, restoration and the life, [they] that believe, trust, rely by profession by Me, [the WORD] though [they] be dead, separated from the
Life, yet shall [they] live. And who-so-ever lives and believes, trusts, relies, [on the WORD for [deliverance] by profession by Me [the WORD] shall never die, be separated from Me. Do you believe, trust, rely by profession [on] this?' 12:46, 'I am the Light into the world, that who-so-ever believes, trusts, relies by profession [on the WORD of GOD], does NOT live in darkness.'

John 14:6, 'Jesus said unto him, ‘I, [the WORD] am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes unto the Father, ORIGINAL CREATOR but through Me.' 10b, '… the Father ORIGINAL CREATOR, that dwells within me, He does [all] the deeds, actions.' v.23, 'Jesus answered and said to him ‘If [you] love Me, [the WORD], you will keep, maintain, retain My WORD’s, and My Father ORIGINAL CREATOR will love you, and We will come unto you and made our abode [in] you.' v.23b, '[They] that do not love Me do not keep, maintains My sayings.' 17:17, 'Make [created] them holy, pure through Your WORD, Your WORD is Truth.' v.19, 'And for their sakes I consecrate [dedicate] Myself, that they also may be holy, pure through the Truth.' v.21, 'Neither do I pray for these alone, but for them also which shall believe, trust, rely by profession on Me through their WORDs.' v.23, 'I [am the WORD] in them and You in Me, that they may be perfect, mentally and morally complete in One.' 20:31, 'But these things were written, that you may believe, trust, rely by profession that Jesus is the [anointed WORD] of GOD CREATION, and that you [through] believing, trusting, relying [on] by profession, may have [the] life through HIS name, character [nature.] '

Acts 1:8, 'But you shall receive power, miraculous ability and force [shall] come, superimpose [by] influence upon you, and you shall be witnesses, evidence given, a record, report, testimony unto Me [the Living WORD] … unto the uttermost, farthest parts of the earth.' 10:43, 'To HIM, gave all the prophets witness, that through His name, character [nature], what-so-ever believes, trusts relies upon by profession in HIM [the WORD] shall receive deliverance [from] sins.' 13:39, 'And by HIM [the WORD] all that believe, trust, rely by profession are made innocent from all things, words (thought or spoken) from which we could not be made innocent by the law, ordnances given Moses.' 15:11, 'But we believe, trust, rely by profession that through the grace, HIS divine influence upon the mind of the WORD /Jesus Christ the Anointed WORD that we are delivered…' 16:30, '… what must I do to be saved, delivered. And they said, ‘Believe, trust, rely by profession by the WORD Jesus [the Anointed WORD], and you are delivered, and the members of your holy and completed household.' 20:32, '… I command you by GOD, and to the WORD of His grace, DIVINE influence upon the mind which is able to build you up, and to give you as inheritance, possession among all them which are recreated holy, pure.' 26:18, 'To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the [false] power of satan unto GOD, the CREATOR that they may receive, omission, putting away, laying aside of sins, and inheritance, possession among them which are recreated holy, pure by [the] faith, trust and reliance that is in ME. [the WORD]'

Rom,1:4, “and declared, publicly proclaimed to be the Son of GOD with power, miraculous abilities, according to the Spirit, DIVINE disposition of holiness, by the resurrection / restoration [by the WORD] from the dead./separated ' v.7, 'To all that be in Rome [or anywhere], called to be saints, holy, pure complete ones.' v.16, 'For I am not ashamed of the good [grand news] declared, publicly proclaimed message by [the anointed WORD], for it is the power of God / CREATOR unto deliverance to every one that believes,  has faith, trust and relies entrusting spiritual well-being to [the anointed WORD] … For therein is the holiness, purity of [the WORD], revealed from trust, to trust, and reliance by profession… ‘The holy shall live /exist by trust, reliance by profession [of the WORD].'

Rom.3:22, 'Even the holiness of GOD, CREATOR] which is by [the] faith trust and reliance of Jesus Christ [the Anointed WORD] unto all and upon all them that believe, have faith, trust in by profession.' v.24, 'being recreated innocent freely by His grace, HIS through the deliverance that is in [the anointed WORD] Jesus.' Whom GOD/ CREATOR has sent forth to be the restoration through the faith, trust in His blood, to declare, publicly proclaim, His holiness for the laying aside, omitting, putting away of sins that are past, through self restraint by GOD/ CREATOR. To declare, publicly proclaim, I say, speak into existence, at this time now His holiness…' v.28, 'Certainly we conclude that all are recreated innocent by faith, trust without the works, acts, deeds of the law,'

Rom.4:5, 'but to them that do not work, but believe, trust, rely [upon] by profession on Him, the WORD that recreates innocence in the ungodly, HIS faith, [in the WORD] is counted for holiness,' v.21, '...being persuaded that, what HE had promised, pledged, gave divine assurance, HE [is] able to perform, completed fully, finished.' v.24, 'But for us also to whom it shall be imputed, charged [to], [when] we believe, trust, rely, have confidence on Him that raised up Jesus our WORD from the dead./ the separation' v.25, 'Who was delivered for our offences, sins, and was raised again for our innocence.' 5:1, 'Therefore being recreated innocent by faith, trust [in HIM] we have peace with GOD/ CREATOR through the WORD Jesus, [the anointed WORD].' v.6b, '… Christ died was separated because of the ungodly…' v.8, 'but GOD / CREATOR exhibited, proved His love before us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ was separated because of us. Much more than, being now [at this time] recreated innocent and restored by HIS blood, we shall be saved delivered from wrath, through HIM [the WORD]. For [when] we were enemies, we were [Past Tense verb] restored by GOD / CREATOR by the death separation from His Son, much more, being restored we shall be delivered by His life, character [nature],' v.17b, '… much more they which receive abundance of grace, the WORD's divine influence upon the mind, and the gift of holiness, purity, shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ. [the Anointed WORD]' v.18b, '… even so by the holiness, purity completeness of the One, WORD. the free gift came to all [people] unto recreating innocence by HIS life. So by the obedience of One WORD shall many be recreated holy, pure.' v.20b, '… but where sin did abound grace, the WORD's divine influence upon the mind, did much more abound. That as sin has reigned [Past Tense] unto death, separation even so may grace, the WORD's divine influence upon the mind, shall reign RULE through holiness, purity, unto eternal life by Jesus [the anointed WORD], '

Rom.6:1, 'What shall we say than? 'Shall we continue in sin/fall short of the DIVINE CREATION that grace may abound?' GOD forbid, [the WORD will not allow this!] How shall we that are dead separated from sin, live any longer therein? Don't you know, that so every one of us as were baptized [Past Tense] into Jesus [the anointed WORD], were baptized [Past Tense] with His death separation? Therefore our 'old' characters [natures], are buried [Past Tense] by [these WORDS] by baptism unto death separation that like as Christ [the RISEN WORD] was raised up from the dead separated by the glory power of the Father, ORIGINAL CREATOR even so we should walk, conform to virtue and piety in a newly [created] life, for we have been [Past Tense] closely united together in the likeness of His death, separation we should be also in the likeness of His resurrection, restoration by raising up. Knowing this, that our 'old' character [nature], our [selfish nature] has been crucified, the self extinguished [Past Tense] with HIM, the WORD that the body of sin falling short of the DIVINE CREATION the 'old' character [nature,] may mightily be destroyed, that then, [onward] we should not serve speak forth sin falling short of the DIVINE CREATION   v.9, 'Knowing that [the living WORD] being raised for the dead, separated dies is separated any longer, death had no more dominion over [the RISEN WORD], for in that HE died, been separated HE died was separated for the sin falling short of the DIVINE CREATION once, but in HE that is alive HE lives unto GOD / the CREATOR. Likewise reckon, realize that you also yourselves to be dead separated indeed, [completely] from sin, falling short of the DIVINE CREATION, but alive unto GOD / the CREATOR through Jesus [the anointed WORD], our RULER. Let sin falling short of the DIVINE CREATION not reign RULE in your body, that you should obey it in the lusts, desires, longings thereof. Neither present yield your body as an instrument of unholiness unto sin, falling short of the DIVINE CREATION but present yield yourselves unto GOD/  CREATOR as those who are alive from the dead, separation and your bodies as instruments of holiness, purity. For sin falling short of the DIVINE CREATION shall not have dominion, RULE, CONTROL over you, for you are not under the law, [of sin and death'] but under grace, these WORD's divine influence on the mind. What than? Shall we sin, fall short of the DIVINE CREATION because we are not under the law,[of sin and death] but under grace these WORD's DIVINE influence upon the mind? GOD / CREATOR will not allow this or cause this to happen! Don't you know that whom you present [give, yield] yourselves servants to, [is] who you obey, whether of sin falling short of the DIVINE CREATION unto death, separation or obedience unto holiness, purity? But GOD be thanked, that you were [Past Tense] the servants of sin, falling short of the DIVINE CREATION but NOW you have obeyed [Past Tense] from the mind, about the grand news of your deliverance of [these anointed WORDS] Being recreated free, without mortal obligations or debt to sin falling short of the DIVINE CREATION, so you have become [Present Tense] the servants of holiness, purity... for we have presented [Past Tense] our bodies as to uncleanness and to sin falling short of the DIVINE CREATION  in to sin separation even so now, at this time, present your bodies as servants to holiness unto innocence...' v.22, 'But now, at this time, being recreated free, without mortal obligations or debts you become servant to GOD /the CREATOR, you have [Present Perfect Possessive Tense] your fruit unto holiness, wholiness and the end, result everlasting life, for the payment for sin, falling short of the DIVINE CREATION is death/ separation but the gift of GOD/ the CREATOR is eternal life through CHRIST [the anointed WORD], our RULER.



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