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Recreation or the Rebirth

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Rom.8:2, 'For the Spirit, the whole divine disposition, of holiness by [the anointed WORD], has [created] us free, without mortal obligations, or mortal debts [from] the law of sin and death. For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the fallen, carnal nature, GOD / the CREATOR sent HIS own Son, [the WORD] in the likeness, form, shape, similar of [the] sinful fallen, carnal nature, and for sin, condemned, judge against, punished, avenged, damn sin falling short of the DIVINE CREATION in the fallen, carnal mind. That the completeness of the DIVINE law, of Life, be filled full through us, who walk, conform to virtue and piety, not after the fallen nature, or carnal mind, but after the Spirit, the whole divine disposition. For they that are after the fallen, carnal mind, do mind, think about the things, ideas, thoughts, desires of the carnal mind, but they that are after the Spirit, whole divine disposition, [they think] the things of the Spirit, the wholly divine disposition. For to be carnally minded thinking is death separation but to be Spiritual thinking is life and peace. Because the carnal [Fallen selfish thinking] is enmity, opposition, an adversary, enemy, against GOD/ the CREATOR, for it is not subject to the Law RULE of GOD/ the CREATOR neither indeed can it be. So then they that are in the fallen, carnal mind cannot please GOD/ the CREATOR. But you are not in the fallen, carnal mind, [selfish nature] but in the Spirit whole divine disposition since the Spirit, the whole divine disposition of GOD/ the CREATOR dwells in you. Now, at this time, [when] any one does not have the Spirit, the whole divine disposition, [of the Anointed WORD], they are none of HIS. [creation] But when the Spirit, the whole divine disposition, of Him that raised up [the living WORD] from the dead separation dwell in you, HE that raised up [the living WORD] from the dead, separation will also quicken, [create] alive, your mortal bodies by HIS Spirit, the whole divine disposition that dwells in you. There, forward… we are not debtors, owe anything to the fallen carnal selfish mind, to live after or according to that fallen, carnal selfish mind.' v.14, 'For as many as are led, RULED by the Spirit, the whole divine disposition of GOD/ the CREATOR WORD, they are [children] of GOD/ these CREATOR WORDS. For we have not received the spirit, mental disposition of bondage, slave, servant to fear, fright, be afraid, terror, but we have received [Past Tense] the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry/ shout with load voices, Father / ORIGINAL Creator. The Spirit, the whole divine disposition, Himself, bears, to testify jointly, by [joint] evidence and proof, [and] witness that we are the children/ created by GOD/ these CREATOR WORDS and as children than heirs, possesses by GOD/ these CREATOR WORDS and joint heirs by Christ, [the anointed WORD]...' v.19, 'For the earnest expectation of the creation waits, expects the manifestation of the [children] of GOD/ these CREATOR WORDS. For the creation itself was made subject, obeyed, put under vanity (Past Tense) … Because the creation itself also shall be delivered (Past Tense) from the bondage of corruption, ruin, to destroyed, spoiled (by moral influences) into the glorious, honorable liberty, [free-from-doom] of the children /creation of GOD/ these CREATOR WORDS for we know that the whole creation groans and travails in pain together until now, this present time.' v.27, 'And HE the WORD] WHO searches the mind, knows what is the mind of the Spirit, the whole divine disposition [is] because HE [the WORD [makes intercession for the saints by GOD/ these CREATOR WORDS. And we know that all things, [all] words, spoken or thought, work together for the good to them that love GOD/ these CREATOR WORDS to them who are called, invited [by] invitation, to urge by HIS / WORDS for the purpose, exhibition. For whom HE/ the WORD did foreknow, called forth into HIS image did predestinate the entire creation to be conformed, similar, union, companionship, resemblance to the image, and likeness, of HIS dear Son, that HE / the WORD may be the Firstborn of many [children] or the whole of creation. Moreover whom HE/ the WORD did foreknow/ called forth by HE / the WORD, also did predestinate, the entire creation all them HE/ the WORD] also called, invited, and whom HE invited, them HE/ the WORD] also created innocent, and HE also glorified, made honorable by virtue. What shall we say, call or speak into existence, about  these things, words or thought spoken into existence? ‘Since GOD/ the CREATOR WORD], be for us, who can be against, oppose us.' Rom.10:3, 'For they being ignorant of GOD/ these CREATION WORDS holiness, [they]  have not submitted, obeyed, subjected themselves unto the holiness of GOD/ the CREATION WORD. For [the Anointed WORD], is the end, conclusion, result, purpose of the law for holiness, to everyone that believes, trusts, has faith in by profession.' v.8, '... The WORD is near, even in your mouth, and in your mind, that is the WORD of trust which we preach, proclaim. That when you confess, covenant, acknowledge, preach, [and] publicly proclaim, with your mouth, the WORD Jesus RULER , and shall believe rely, trust have assurance upon [with] in your mind that GOD has raised HIM from the dead, separated, you shall be delivered, for with the mind believes relies, trusts has assurance in, unto holiness, purity and with the mouth, public proclamation is made unto deliverance.' v.13, 'for whosoever shall call, invoke by ministry, by testimony by the name, character / nature, of the [WORD] shall be delivered.' 11:6, 'And [since] by grace, HIS these WORDS divine influence upon the mind,, than it is no more works, [by doings] otherwise grace is no more grace, these WORDS divine influence on the mind. But when it be of works, [duty] then it is no more grace, these WORDS divine influence upon the mind otherwise works, [duties] is no more grace, HIS divine influence upon the mind.' v.16, 'For [when] the first fruit [is] holy, the lump [is] holy, and when the Root [is] holy, so are the branches.” 11:27, 'For this is MY covenant, promise, divine assurance, unto them, when I [the WORD] shall take away, *omit their sins.'
*omit means: get rid of, put away, set aside, remove completely, do away with, or delete!]

2Cor. 6:17, 'Wherefore, come out from among them, [the not whole thinking and speaking], and be you separate / mentally and morally distant, commands [the WORD], and touch not, attach oneself to, or have relationship with, the unclean, impure morally, foul things, words, thoughts or speech, and I will receive you, for I am the Father/ ORIGINAL CREATOR unto you, and you shall be my created [children], says, calls or speaks into existence the the WORD WHO is Almighty.' 7:1, 'Having therefore these promises, divine assurances or pledges, dearly be-loved, let us cleanse, purge, purify, by these WORDS, from ourselves, own conceits, thoughts, [ideas], from all, any, every manner [of] filthiness, immorality of the fallen, carnal nature and spirit, mental disposition, perfecting holiness, purity [Completeness] in the reverence by GOD/ these CREATOR WORDS.' 10: 5, 'Casting, destroying (by force of focus), imaginations, thoughts, and every high, barrier, that trys to exalts, raises, superimposes, itself against the knowledge of GOD/ these CREATOR WORDS, and bringing into captivity, lead away, every thought, perception, purpose, to the obedience, submission, of [the anointed WORD].'

Gal.1:4, '[… our RULER, the WORD... who gave HIMSELF to restore us from our sins/ falling short of the DIVINE CREATION, that HE may forcibly deliver us from this present evil, sinning, wicked, world, according to the DIVINE PURPOSE and our Father/ ORIGINAL CREATOR.' 2:16, 'Knowing that a man is not recreated innocent by the works doing things by the law, but by the faith trust and reliance of Jesus, the WORD  even we have believed, trusted, relied by profession in Jesus [the Anointed WORD] that we may forcefully be recreated innocent by the faith of [the Anointed WORD], and not by the works doing things by the law, for by the works of the law no fallen, carnal selfish nature [mind] shall be recreated innocent.' v.20, 'I am crucified, the self extinguished, by [the Anointed WORD]. Never-less-than I live, yet not my life but by the Life of Anointed WORD lives through me...” 3:10, 'For as many as are [living under] works of the law [of sin and death[ are under the curse… ‘But that no man is recreated innocent by any law in the sight of GOD/ these CREATOR WORDS, it is evident, clear, certain for the holy shall live by faith, trust, reliance by profession by these WORD' v.13, '[The Anointed WORD], has delivered [Past Tense] us from the curse, destruction, penalty of the law, taking on the curse instead of, substituted, exchanged paid for us, for it is written, ‘Cursed is every one that [is hung] on a tree.’ 'That the blessings of Abraham may forcefully come on the Gentiles through Jesus by the Anointed WORD, that we may receive the promise, divine assurance, pledge of the Spirit, the whole divine disposition through [HIS] faith' v.24, 'Wherefore, the law was our schoolmaster, teacher and judge to deliver us by the Anointed WORD, that we may be recreated innocent by faith, but as faith has come [Past Tense], we are no longer under a schoolmaster duties, traditions, for we are all the created children by GOD. these CREATOR WORDS, by faith, trust, reliance by profession, by the Anointed WORD, Jesus, for as many you as have been [Past Tense] baptized, submerged, immersed  into the SPIRIT the whole divine disposition [and] have put on Christ the Anoint ed WORD.' 4:5, 'To deliver them that were [Past Tense] under the law, that we may receive the adoption as creation [children,] and because we are children, GOD has sent forth the Spirit, the whole divine mental disposition, of HIS Son into our minds, crying, calling aloud, to exclaim, ‘Father, ORIGINAL CREATOR. Where-forward [we] are no longer a servant, a slave, but a child, and as a child then an heir of GOD/ these CREATION WORDS for the purpose of the Anointed WORD!'

Gal. 5:4, '[The anointed WORD] is become of no effect, rendered idle (useless), void, unto you, whosoever of you trying to be innocent by the law [of works, duties, traditions], you are fallen from grace, HIS divine influence upon the mind, as gratitude and joy.' v.16, 'I say, call into existence, then, walk ‘Conform to virtue and piety, by [HIS] Spirit, wholly mental disposition, and you shall not fulfill, perform the lusts, desires, of the fallen, carnal nature. For when we are led, controlled, by the Spirit, the wholly mental disposition, we are not under the law, [of works, duties, traditions].' v.24, 'And they that are [of] [the anointed WORD] have crucified [Past Tense] the fallen carnal [selfish] nature with [it's] affections and lusts, desires., longings and needs!' [SEE Rom. 6: 6]

Eph.1:3, That we should be holy, pure, complete and without blame before HIM in love. Having recreated [all of] us unto the adoption of children, by Jesus, [the anointed WORD], to HIMSELF, according to the good pleasure, delight of HIS will, Divine Perfect Design ... HE has made [Past Tense] us accepted, highly favored, in the beloved. In whom we have deliverance through HIS blood, by the omitting, putting away of sins, according to the riches of His grace, the divine influence upon the mind and His reflection of joy and gratitude.' [Grace to the "fallen" deceived]

v.13,'... [the Divine WORD]... whom we also trusted, placed faith in, accordingly that we heard the WORD of TRUTH, the good news, ministered, proclaimed by testimony] of our deliverance, in whom also that we believed, trusted, relied by profession, we were sealed [past tense] with [the] Holy Spirit, the wholly divine disposition of holiness and purity, of promise, assurance, pledge.'

Eph.2:1, 'And you has HE quickened, made alive, who were dead [past tense] in trespasses and sins.' v.5, 'Even we were dead [past tense] in sins, [the WORD] has quickened, made alive, us together by [HIS WORD]. And [the WORD] has raised [past tense] us up together and made us sit together in heavenly places in [the anointed WORD], Jesus.' v.8, 'For by grace, the divine influence upon the mind, you are delivered, made whole and that not by yourself, your own abilities.' v.13, 'But Now, at this time, in Christ Jesus we who in time past [we] were far off, separated in the mind, are made nigh, near by the blood of Christ. For HE is our peace, who has made both one, [at-one-ment], and has broken, destroyed, dissolved the middle wall of separation between us.' v.18, 'For through Him [the Divine WORD] we have access by one Spirit, the wholly mental disposition, unto the Father (Original Creator). Now, at this time, there-forward we are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and to the household of GOD.' v.22, 'in whom we also are built together for a habitation, of GOD [the Divine WORD] through the Spirit, the wholly mental disposition of holiness.' 3:18, '[that we] ... may be able to comprehend with all the saints, [as a saint], what is the breadth and length, and depth, and height... of the LOVE of [the Living WORD]... that we are filled with all the fullness of GOD, [LOVE].' 4:11, 'and HE gave, supplied, also apostles, and also prophets, and also evangelists, and also pastors and teachers, for the perfected work of the ministry by saints, for the edifying, building the body of Christ, as we all come in the unity, [oneness] of the faith and of the knowledge of the SON of GOD, in a prefect, mental and morally complete, child unto measure of the stature, maturity of the fullness of Christ, ]the anointed WORD].' v.22, 'That you put off concerning the former behavior [conversation] of the ‘old’ human, carnal [selfish] nature, which is corrupt according to the deceitful, [pride filled, selfish] lusts, longings, desires, and be renewed, reformed [recreated] in the SPIRIT, mental disposition of your mind, thinking, and that we put the ‘new’ nature [creation], which after GOD, [the PERFECT WORD] as [we are] created in the innocence and holiness.'

Phil. 1:11, 'Being filled with the fruits of holiness, which are [only] by Jesus Christ, the Divine WORD, unto the glory and praise of GOD./CREATOR' v.27, 'Only let your conversation, speech and behavior be as it becomes [to] declare, preach good news, message of [the Divine WORD]…' 2:5, 'Let this mind, mental intent, purpose be in you, was [and is] in Jesus Christ, [the Divine WORD].' v.15, 'that we may be blameless and harmless, the children of GOD the CREATOR, without rebuke, [not needing] correction in the midst of a crooked and perverse, mentally perverted [people], among whom we shine, [show forth by the WORD ] as lights in the world.' 3:9, 'And be found in HIM, not having our own holiness, purity which is of the law, works, duties, traditions, but that which is through the faith of Christ, [the Divine WORD] the holiness, purity which is of GOD the CREATOR by faith.' v.15, 'Let us certainly, in truth, as many as be perfect, complete, mentally and morally, be thus minded, opinionated, thinking and if in any thing you are otherwise, differently thinking, mentally interested, GOD [the Divine WORD] shall reveal even this to you. Never-less-than, we have already, beforehand, preceding, have ALREADY Arrived, Attained, let us walk, conform to virtue and piety, by the same rule, standard, let us mind, [to be] of opinion, interested, by obedience, set our affection on, regard, think this the same thing.' 4:8, '... what-so-ever things true, what-so-ever things are honest, devout what-so-ever things are just, holy, what-so-ever things are pure, clean morally, what-so-ever things are loving, affectionate, what-so-ever things are of a good report, well spoken of, reputable, when there is any virtue and there be any praise, think, reason, conclude on these things.'

Col. 1:12, “Giving thanks unto the Father, Creator which has recreated us able to be partakers of the inheritance, possessors with the saints in light. Who has delivered [Past Tense] us from the power of darkness, and has translated [Past Tense] transformed, metamorphosed [Past Tense] us into the kingdom, rule, realm, reign of HIS dear Son. In whom we have deliverance through His blood, even the omitting, putting away, laying aside of sins.” v.20, “And having made peace through the His blood on the cross, by HIM, WHO restored [Past Tense] to divine favor all things unto HIMSELF, [the Divine WORD], I say, call into existence, whether they be things in the earth, or things in heaven. And you that were [Past Tense] in past times alienated, separated and enemies in your mind, thoughts, thinking by wicked works, toil, labor, acts, yet now, at this time, HE has restored [Past Tense] [us] to divine favor, in the body of HIS flesh through death, to present [us] holy and not blamable, and unreproveable, not needing correction in His presence.” v.27b, “Which is [the Divine WORD], in you the hope of glory, honor, whom we preach, warning every [one], and teaching every [one] in all wisdom, that we may present every [one] perfect, mentally and morally complete in [the Anointed WORD], Jesus.” 2:6, “As you have therefore received [Past Tense], [the living WORD], Jesus the RULER, so walk, conform to virtue and piety in Him.” 3:3, “For [our old carnal, selfish nature] is dead and our life is hid, concealed, covered with [the Divine WORDs] in GOD [ these CREATOR WORDS.]”

1Thes.3:13, “To the end, RESULT, He may establish our minds, thoughts, thinking, unblameable in holiness before GOD, even our CREATOR, at the coming of our RULER Jesus, [the WORD] for all His saints.” 4:3,“For this is the will of GOD even our [being recreated] holy, pure, a saint… That every one of you should know how to possess, control their vessel, [body] in consecration, holy, pure and honorable.” 5:23, “And the very GOD of peace, consecrate you wholly, complete, absolutely perfect, and I pray GOD, [these CREATOR WORDS] your whole spirit, mental disposition, will, intent and feelings and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our RULER Jesus, [the living WORD]. Faith-filled is He that gave HIS Divine nature to you, WHO did also do, accomplished, completed, finished, concluded] it.” [Past Tense]

2Thes,2:13b, “Because GOD the CREATOR has from the beginning [of creation] chosen you to deliverance through consecration, holiness, purity of the Spirit, the wholly mental disposition and belief, trust in the truth.” 3:3, “But the [WORD] is faithful, who shall establish, set fast, confirm, you and keep from evil, sin, wickedness.”

1Tim,1: 5, “Whereas the aim of our charge is love that issues from a pure mind, a good conscience, awareness, [reasoning] and sincere faith, trust.” 4:12, “But [be] an example of the believers in the WORD, thought, reasoning, motive, in conversation, speech, behavior, conduct in love, social and moral affection, in SPIRIT, [wholly] mental disposition, in faith, trusting in purity, cleanliness, chastity, innocent morally blameless, and consecrated.”

1Tim,5:20, “As for those who persist, continue, in sin, rebuke, convict, convince, tell a fault [to] them in the presence of all, so that the others may stand in fear, total terror.

2Tim.2:19b, “Let every one who names the character [nature] of Christ, [the Anointed WORD], depart, refrain [cease] from iniquity, sin, morally wrongfulness, wickedness, evilness.” v.21, “[when you] therefore purge, cleanse, purify, yourselves [by these Divine WORDs] you shall be a vessel unto honor, virtue, recreated holy, pure, a saint and easily used, useful for the Master's use, and prepared, made ready, unto every good [Loving] act or deed.” v.22, “Flee also youthful lusts, desires, longings, but follow holiness, purify, faith, charity, love, peace, with them that call, invoke [by ministry or testimony], appeal, on the RULER, [the WORD], out of a pure, clean thoughts, feelings and mind.” 3:17, “That the [children] of GOD, [these CREATOR WORDS] may be perfect, complete thoroughly furnished, are equipped fully, accomplish unto every good [Loving] act or deed.” 4:2, 'Preach, publicly proclaim the WORD, be ready, urgent in every opportunity, favorable or unfavorable, convenient or inconvenient, reproving sinners, showing their lives are wrong, rebuking, chastening, reasoning, warning, [than] encouraging, teaching being unstopping and patient.'


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