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 "They WILL Hate you!"

(Yes, ALL of Them!)

~~ Where did YAHUSHA personally promise you a prickless "rose garden?" ~~

OR, verses on... How about a fluffy, no bump ride to "glory?"

Are "YOU" trying to "win" the lost by "friendship,"
OR by the exact NATURE of Christ (the MACHIACH), WHO does NOT change?

"Rebuke those who sin in the presence of ALL, that others also may fear." 1 Tim. 5: 20


Questions: 1. Do you live by those WORDS. .  Yes  0  or  NO  0?  ( Mentally Check one → 0 

     2. Do you OBEY ALL HIS WORDS, or just the "easy pleasey" ones?  Yes  0 or NO  0 ?

    3. Or do you just "SAY" HE is your WORD [YHWH] when "you do NOT do what HE TELLS YOU TO DO?"Luke 6:46 Yes  0 or NO  0 ?  

How many times do you follow that COMMAND DAILY? . . . . Or even EVER?   Once Daily  0  or  Never   0

     That was NOT a mere suggestion, nor . . . if you feel like it, but was actually a DEMAND, (D-E-M-A-N-D) and actual *COMMAND!* (C-O-M-M-A-N-D) which more than likely disagrees with your "carnal" teachers of pick-the- easy words to do, WORDS.

Which the "FOLLOWING" demand would be the OPPOSITE WORDS of the "fallen" . . .
"And of some have compassion, making a difference, and others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire, hating even the garment spotted by the flesh." Jude 1:22 

1. "some have compassion?" Just exactly how many are "some" compared with "others" that "YOU" are supposed to "save with fear?" Any truthful answer on those WORDS?

The word "some" would certainly NOT be the "un-holy" majority. This means the "others" are the "un-holy" majority "WE" are to "save by fear," and this would actually, and truly be the "majority."
"SOME" is NOT a majority WORD. . . . Again in case you blinked and missed it . .  "SOME" is NOT a MAJORITY WORD!"
      Also "WE" who are TOTALLY RULED by the WORD of CREATION are supposed to be "Hating the garment spotted by the flesh?"
      Do you have any DIVINE idea what that is supposed to mean . . . .  "Hating the garment spotted by the flesh?"
      Or the ORIGINAL WORDS "Hating that the temple that is spotted by fallen carnal human mind?"

WOW, "Hating the fallen carnal mind," is the ONLY way to hate any "temple" that is spotted by the carnal mind, paradigm."dueling minds"! The dementia "double minded", and the sin stained spots, the filth, and debasement of derogation" with the


     Mat 5:10 "Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."
    "Blessed" Why?
     ANSWER: Because
"they which ARE persecuted for holiness and prurity's sake." And for being truly wholly, "complete"! . . . . WHOLE WORD the OBEYING in and by

AND ONLY them are BLESSED in those HIS WORD who . . . "are persecuted for righteousness, sake'

KJV Dictionary Definition of : persecute


PER'SECUTE, v.t. L. persequor; per and sequor, to pursue. See Seek and Essay.

to pursue in a manner to injure, vex or afflict; to harass with unjust punishment or penalties for supposed offenses; to inflict pain from hatred or malignity.1. In a general sense,

2. Appropriately, to afflict, harass, or destroy for adherence to a particular creed or system of religious principles, or to a mode of worship. Thus Nero persecuted the Christ (the NATSRIMS) by crucifying some, burning others, and condemning others to be worried by dogs. See Acts.22.

To harass with solicitations or importunity.3.


Harassed by troubles or punishments unjustly inflicted, particularly for religious opinions.PER'SECUTED, pp.


Pursuing with enmity or vengeance, particularly for adhering to a particular religion.PER'SECUTING, ppr.

QUESTION: Why are WE getting "persecuted?"

ANSWER: is "for righteousness [holiness and purity's' sake,"
      QUESTION: Have you ever been really and truly "persecuted" for being PURE and Un-defiled!
      Really?  . . . .  Yes  0  or  NO  0 ?  (
Check one → 0) 
      If you have NOT, it is time to get that way, NOW!

And Psssst . . .  and FACT IS . . . .The "righteous' equal the holy and pure, saints and NEVER ANY "sinners."
      Only saints are already
"in the kingdom of heaven," which means the TOTAL RULE of the COMPLETE PURE and PERFECT WORD!
      All sinners belong to the king-dumb of the deceived by the deception of the darkness! ← See 1John 3: 8A.

     Mat 5:12 "Rejoice, and be exceeding glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets which were before you."
We are to "REJOICE and be exceeding glad" for being "persecuted!"
Wow that more likely tweaks the "carnal" minded. . . . Huh?

       1.) We get a "GREAT reward in heaven" when we get "Persecuted" by the UN-God (YHWH / YAHUAH)ly, carnally minded humans!   WOW!

       2.) "they persecuted the prophets which were before you."  The "They" being the "human minded carnal religious, and the self-appointed "authorities" of the "for all ages," type, who love UN-holiness, more than they do the TRUTH . . .   Really sounds exactly like "we" should share the same exact manner of "persecution" as the "prophets which came before us." . . . . Only the UN-God (YHWH / YAHUAH)ly believe that "prophecy" is no longer needed, nor used as a "gift" today, but what do "sinners" know about the WORDS of God (YHWH / YAHUAH) anyway, WHO HIMSELF stated that. . . .

FACT: 1John 3: 5 "Everyone who abides in HIM does not sin. Everyone who sins has not seen HIM nor knows HIM." The ULTIMATE WISDOM of the LIVING WORD, Christ (the MACHIACH) stated that FACT!

    Luke 6:22 "Blessed are you, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of Man's sake."
    Wow  . . . "BLESSED" are "WE" 'when men shall HATE" US, and kick "US" "out of "their" company," and "falsely accuse" US for Christ (the MACHIACH)'s sake! That is what the LIVING WORD stated, CORRECT! And the word "man" in the ORIGINAL was (444, human beings, fallen carnally minded) will throw you out of their churches, which are nothing but sinner’s hide away clubs, congregations of the UN-God (YHWH / YAHUAH)ly!
 THEY "shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil," The ORIGINAL WORDS instead of "Reproach" were G3681; to defame, that is, rail at, chide, taunt)
     So if you are not being spoken bad about, by the UN-God (YHWH / YAHUAH)ly, UN-sanctified it is because you are still "one of them," and NOT because of HIS WHOLINESS and PURITY in you! As you are more than likely NOT HIS YET!

   Mark 13:13 "And you shall be hated of all men because of MY name's [nature's] sake. But they that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved [delivered]."

      1.) Again the LIVING WORD, WHO is Christ (the MACHIACH) stated "we" are to be "" HATED by ALL MEN "" (444. human beings) for HIS name's (to G3685, (literally or figuratively), (authority, character), [NATURE]): sake!" "
Hated by ALL human thinkers,"
because of living HIS wholly life."  

"Hated" for being [W]HOLY, by the pretend-a- Christian  (the NATSRIUM)ians" because we "At this time we publicly proclaim HIS holiness and purity!" Rom. 3: 22(A)

      2.) "but they that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved [delivered]."
      Really that does not sound like Once Save Always Saved unless
"we live as HOLY PURE A SAINTS!" . . . . AND . . . .
"Endure to the END!" . . . . 
C. Then "shall be saved!" No falling into sin, to get in . . . without wholly "ENDURANCE!"

    Luke 21:17 "And you shall be hated of all men because of MY name's [nature’s] sake."
1. Again "Hated" by who? That said "All men" (444, human beings,)  the "DIRT WORLD created!" . . . . The "fallen" minded humas (soiled) beings, who are NOT restored, re-created and re-TURNED, not restored to the God (YHWH / YAHUAH)LY estate! . . . .  "HATED by A-L-L" human beings for HIS NATURE'S, HIS WHOLENESS, and HIS COMPLETE CHARACTER, complete LACKING no GOOD THING, by HIS WORDS!

     If you are not LIVING these WORDS, and you are NOT "HATED by ALL human beings," than, it is more than likely that you are still "one of them," , by HIS NATURE! NOT separated yourself from them and have

    And another SURE SIGN is that if any of this TRUTH irritates you, you are still a "FALLEN HUMAN BEING!  . . . . It makes the rest of us rejoice that "WE" are the BODY "without SPOTS or Blemishes, or any such THING," and are REAL NEW CREATIONS / CREATURES in HIM! (1Cor. 5: 17-18)

     John 15:18 "If the worldly hate you, you know that it hated ME before it hated you."

FACT: "the world shall hate you!"  
      Because they / the worldly do "HATE" us!.
We KNOW it
"HATED" the "PURE LIVING WORD, that dwelt among us and some of us be-hold HIS glory," (John 1: 1-3) that HE announced that HIS KINGDOM was the "same yesterday, TODAY and forever."
      The ALL-MIGHTY WORD was not talking about the planet earth, but the Foul Fallen Humus [soiled] beings, who have the physical world as their only lord and ruler! And NOT the RISEN Realm of the SPIRIT of PERFECTION!

     John 15: 19 "If you were of the world, the world would love its own, but because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hates you." The DIVINE WORD said that! AND HE is NEVER WRONG!
     The word
"IF" in that statement of FACT: means "IF" you are sanctified . . . or . . . . and NOT "you are NOT of the world," or "IF" you are just a pretend-a- Christ (the MACHIACH)ian! Proof is found in Heb. 2: 11, Look it UP than LIVE IT!

    John 15:20 "Remember the WORD (YWH / YAHUAH) that I said unto you, ‘The servant is not greater than their WORD [YHWH.] If they have persecuted ME, they will also persecute you. If they would have kept MY saying, they will keep yours also"

     REALLY LOOKS like "IF" you are NOT "getting persecuted," by the worldly, than it is because you are still "OF THE WORLD!" . . . .  And "IF" you are NOT "getting persecuted," you are NOT YET "HIS servant!" So the FACT IS . . . on Judgment Day, you will NOT hear the WORDS, "Welcome in good and faith-filled servant," (Matthew 25:23) YOU will HEAR . . . "Depart form ME, you who never knew ME!"  (← 1 John 3: 6 )

    John 17:14 "I have given them YOUR WORD, and the world has hated them, because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world."

THERE?  You have been given them NOW!"WORDS"1. Have you been really been given these

2. And here is just another place, and at another time HE SAID . . . "and the world has hated them, because they are not of the world." HE m HIS WORDS rather than the teachings of the still fallen worldly, "acting" like HIS.OBEY to SEE if you can retain, and TWICE said basically the same thing HE means just that.

Again, are you really and truly  . . . "hated by the worldly?" REALLY!

    1 John 3:13 "Marvel not, MY brethren, if the world hate you!" HE called someone "brethren" . . . HE SAID "DO NOT BE SURPRISED WHEN the world will hate you!" Was that a real factual actual prophecy?

    AGAIN. . .  If the "world" does not "hate you," you one of them! Heb. 2: 11 "For both HE who sanctified and they who Are Sanctified are all of one [nature], for which reason He is not ashamed to call us brethren!"

     The LIVING WORD considers "us sanctifiED" to be HIS "brethren!" NOT any UN-sanctified sinners, going to be consecrated later on, who are NOT HIS CREATION, Yet! "Who-so-ever sins is of the devil. . . !" 1John. 3: 8(A) That is their "creator!"

     Revelation 2:6 "But this you have, that you hate the deeds of the Necolaitanes, which I also hate."

    WHAT did HE say to do?  "WE," as the "created" of the PERFECT WORD'S CREATION are to  "H _ _ _" (Hint : A T E) the "deeds of the Necolaitanes" as HE does!" HE said "HE hates!"
    WOW! I bet that tweaks the carnal minds about their "HUGGY God (YHWH / YAHUAH)!

Does this sound like the Christ (the MACHIACH) / the WORD that you follow?

    Hebrews 1:9  "You have loved righteousness, and hated iniquity. . . !" 

Now do you really, truly "love holiness" and "HATE sin?" DO you REALLY?

     Second Witness is in Palm 97:10 "You that love the [W]ORD, hate evil! HE preserves the souls of HIS saints. HE delivered them out of the hand of the wicked." 

     EVERYONE who "loves the WORD" is supposed to "HATE evil!" WOW! Is that you?
     Not just PRETEND to
"HATE EVIL!" BUT really, truly and wholly "H-A-T-E EVIL!" Again, is that you? Yes or No?

     Proverbs 8:13 "The fear of the [W]ORD is to hate evil, pride, and arrogance, and the evil way, and the forward mouth, do I hate."

    The ORIGINAL WORD in that verse was . . . .  "Fear" = complete reverence, awe . . . . ONLY when We are to "HATE EVIL. . ." do we have complete reverence, and awe for the WORD!


FRO'WARD, a. L. versus: turned or looking from.

Perverse, that is, turning from, with aversion or reluctance; not willing to yield or comply with what is required; unyielding; ungovernable; refractory; disobedient; peevish; as a froward child.


FROWARDNESS, n. Perverseness; reluctance to yield or comply; disobedience; [etc.]

      Another FACT of TRUTH, which can not be conceived nor believed, by any sinner!
Sinners have no reverence of anything of the PERFECT CREATOR, nor of that CREATION! No not any reverence!

    1 John  2:15- 16 "Love NOT the world, neither the things that are in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the "Original CREATOR" is not in them. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the "Original CREATOR," but is of the world."

     Did you STUDY that? OR did did you do the old "sinner's skim and grin," where you looked at the words, but can NOT LIVE those WORDS!

     The actual and factual ORIGINAL Hebrew to Greek to English word for 'Father' is the "ORIGINAL CREATOR" [the WORD!] [STUDY John 1: 1-3 and 12-14 for the PROOF!]

     YES the PERFECT ONE CREATOR WORD . . . STATED . . . "Love NOT the world, NEITHER the "things of the world" That covered almost EVERYTHING that is NOT WHOLLY! HUH! (That was NOT a question.)

     THAT IS ANOTHER DEMAND.... "Love NOT the world."

      The "love of the CREATOR" is NOT "in you" if ANY one of you "loves the world!"
"the things of the world." This verse is absolute proof that John 3: 16 is totally MISS-translated, because the DIVINE CREATOR can NOT tell HIS Created to NOT love the world and the things of the world and in John 3: 16 tell use here "If anyone loves the world, the love of the "Original CREATOR" is not in them." Only the "double minded's" God (YHWH / YAHUAH) would say something that opposite. 

   The "love of the PERFECT CREATOR, and of that DIVINE CREATION is NOT in you, "IF" you desire the "things of the worldly!"
(SEE : "Loose it or LOSE it," at this, HIS SITE!)

     NOW for  the REAL ""TILT of the worldly"" statement  of DEMAND to HIS people. . . .

     James 4: 4, "...know you not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God (YHWH / YAHUAH)? Who-so-ever is a friend of the world is an enemy of God (YHWH / YAHUAH)!" Again, that sure does NOT sound like "friendship evangelism," HUH?

 Do you really want to be an "ENEMY of the DIVINE PLAN?"

 "...know you not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God (YHWH / YAHUAH) [YHWH]?"
You either did NOT "KNOW that the friendship of the world is enmity with God (YHWH / YAHUAH)

You did not CARE. . . "Who-so-ever is a friend of the world is an enemy of
YES  0  OR NO  0 ?""FRIEND OF THE  WORLD?""  ARE YOU A "Friend of the world?"

Now is the "world" still your "friend?"

You better pray it is NOT.

Repeat ALL these following WORDS until they replace the LIE! . . .

"Friends with the world Is an ENEMY of God (YHWH / YAHUAH)!"

    NOW FOR the TOP or the mountain view, from the WORDS of CREATION. on "OUR" real and actual "job description . . . . of YOUR "Great Commission"

2 Tim 4: 2 AMP    "Herald and preach the WORD! Keep your sense of urgency, whether the opportunity seems to be favorable or unfavorable. [Whether it is convenient or inconvenient, whether it is welcome or unwelcome, you as preacher of the Word are to show people in what way their lives are wrong.] And convince them, rebuking and correcting, warning and urging and encouraging them, being unstoppable and inexhaustible in patience and teaching." 2 Tim 4: 2 (AMP) found in Exk. 3: 18 ; Col. 1: 38 which is under the "Fair use" LAW as quoting the ORIGINAL WORDS, as restored by the researchers of the TAB (The Amplified Bible, by the Lockmen Foundation.)  

NOW did really you "see" those REAL WORDS of God (YHWH / YAHUAH)?

1. ) "Herald" Meaning of "HERALD" is . . . . 1. A person who carries or proclaims important news; a messenger.

HE said. . "I have made you messengers" / ministers to proclaim the "GOOD NEWS"  which is. . . "HE TOOK AWAY the SIN of the WORLD!"

2. )  "Herald and preach the WORD!"  Equals exactly . . .  "YOU as a person who carries or proclaims important news as a messenger to PREACH THE WORD." 

3.)  "Keep your sense of urgency,"  Which means. . .  There must be an "EMERGENCY" to be "urgent"  about for YOU to have a "sense of." Or don't you think? OH yea, even tho that is the RESTORED WORD for that 'demand," you (personal) version does NOT have all those explanative words, so you do not have to have a "sense of urgency" even tho 300,000 plus souls are are dying TODAY NOT getting into the KINGDOM! And you do not believe (definition of an UN-believer) that there exists a "DO UNTO OTHERS" SUPREME LAW of this COSMOS, demands found in Ezk. 3: 18-20 and 33: 3; Col. 1: 28; Acts 1: 8 etc. etc.  

4.)  "whether the opportunity seems to be favorable or unfavorable," WOW another one of them non-comfortable, non-scheduled, "JUST DO IT" for the love of YHWH, things.

5.)  And did you see "Whether it is convenient or inconvenient." What if YOU would "GO" and someone would get "DELIVERED form sin," (Rom. 6: 22) via the WORDS of TRUTH and they went and found someone else, and they went and found someone else, and on and on and on! 

6. ) "whether it is welcome or unwelcome."  Opps, that is where YOU get "Blessed for being persecuted for righteousness sake!"

7. ) "YOU as preacher of the WORD are to show people in what way their lives are wrong." Do YOU SEE that?

And "we," ALL of us, everyone in the BODY of Christ (the MACHIACH), "we ALL" . . . .  "are to show people in what way their lives are wrong."


     Because we want them "in the KINGDOM," and because, "sinners go to HELL!" That is all that "we" need to have CARE for, when (not "IF") we LOVE the WORDS of CREATION!

2.) "and preach the WORD!" The ORIGINAL WORD is ALL over this, HIS, web site!

I do not teach since "I for myself can DO NOTHING it is the WORDS within me that DOES ALL THE WORK!"

YES. . . . "the WORD does it ALL!"
LOOK to the WORD, only!

    "The WORD is the AUTHOR and finisher of our faith,"
Do NOT look to 'man." woman. or child.

    GO TO "THE WORD," directly, (HE IS BEATING that heart in HIS TEMPLE, you,) and when we believe the WORDS of the WORD. . . that HE is the ONLY CREATOR, WHO DEMANDED THAT WE PREACH that "GOOD NEWS," and "FREE" the captives form trespasses and sins," by the WORD!

    For 2000 Years AGO, NOW is the TIME for YOU to "SHOW AND TELL THEM" since it is "show and tell time."  "Herald and preach the WORD!"  Acts 26:18, Heb. 9: 26 (B) . . .But now. . . Heb. 10: 10 and Heb. 10: 14; Heb. 2: 11; Titus 2: 12; Jude 1: 24, 1 John 3: 5-9 Rom. 6 chapter and also the 8 chapter. In that order would be a grand START to "add to the kingdom DAILY."

    See "How to be Sanctified by the WORD of God (YHWH / YAHUAH)!," FROM THIS SITE, not the "sinners versions" of the WORD! (use the KJV, or TAB, or CE, or ASV, Revised New Standard, but stay away from the versions that do NOT make you WHOLLY!)

3.) "Keep your sense of urgency," Because it is an URGENT matter, as 300,000 UN-SANCTIFIED souls go to HELL EVERY DAY! Believe it or NOT!

"Keep your sense of urgency" Because that is about 109,500,000 PLUS UN-SANCTIFIED people go to hell every year! And some come right past you each day!
In real numbers, 
1,095,000,000 BILLION (B-I-L-L-I-O-N with a "B") SOULS GO TO HELL EVERY 10 YEARS "Keep your sense of urgency," And some come right past you each day!
    BECAUSE …. And "MANY are called, but FEW choose to go!" To many, go to "mans" no-go-to-the-streets, hide-away worldly religions!

    This is a SUPREME URGENT MATTER! Someone that you could contact with the "GOOD NEWS," may allow the LIVING WORD to touch someone else and get them sanctified BEFORE they have their JUDGMENT SET!!

4.) "whether the opportunity seems to be favorable or unfavorable." Here is where "martyrs are made!". . . . We just GO, and PREACH, it does NOT matter the outcome, that is between the souls, and HIS WORD! We are not to "pick and choose," the persons or the places! We are to PREACH, one on one, one on a million, or what-ever!

5.) "Whether it is convenient or inconvenient, whether it is welcome or unwelcome, you as preacher of the Word are to show people in what way their lives are wrong!" You might need re-study that until you can LIVE those WORDS, as a natural witness of HIS DIVINE DISPOSITION!

6.) "And convince them, " HOW does the WORD convince them, BY "rebuking and correcting,". . . . BY "warning and urging!" Do NOT skip this "DEMAND" via the WORDS of WISDOM in this ORIGINAL WORD!

    And than by allowing the lost to hear the "tears of pleadings" in your voice," and the URGENCY of the matter with their outcome as sinners!

7.) and THAN AFTER all the rest above! THAN and ONLY THAN "encouraging them,." IF THEY REPENT equals the COMPLETE CHANGE of THINKING HIS WAY and LIVING HIS WORDS, which than, make "US" HIS Created!

     Do not get any of the WORDS OUT OF ORDER, because you do not know BETTER than the WORD of CREATION, and THAT WORD was STATED IN THIS ORDER, ONLY!

     Sinners should NOT ,ever, be "ENCOURAGED" until they TURN, and become saints!

Only the still "carnal" try giving comfort to God (YHWH / YAHUAH'S) enemies!

8.) "being unstoppable," means "we" DO NOT STOP, ministering the TRUTH!

WE Do not STOP, to pray!

WE PRAY on the way!

     Pray "face to face" with the lost! This kind of prayer is the most POWER-FILLED prayer that can be uttered!



     And unless they reject the WORD. . . . Than. . ."Tell them that the KINGDOM of the WORD, has come right to them and they rejected God (YHWH / YAHUAH) [YHWH]!" . . . .AND . .  It is NOW HELL to Pay, for that choice!

     Than "Claim" their mind, body and soul into sanctification, right to their faces, and that "the WORD put to them will NOT return to HIM void, and the WORD will do that which it is sent forth to do!"

And than be on to the next house, neighborhood, city, country . . . etc, ect, ect.

     And IF you can not "Herald and preach the WORD" to your next door, or "across the street" neighbors, why would you go to another country that you don’t speak their language? OH YEA, just another lame excuse NOT to "Minister HIS WORDS." HUH?

9.) "and inexhaustible in patience and teaching." This refers to the "NEW BORNS" only! Because it comes AFTER the "encouraging" them, as no one is to "encourage" a sinner, NEVER!

      As we are to be not exhausted, or run out of motivation, because we are "FILLED to Overflowing!"

     If you do grow weary of doing good, than you need to get "saved" or more exactly, get sanctified yourself!

We are NOT TO, in any way, shape or form, until they TURN FROM "their ways," completely! to ‘encouraged" NOT

Again . . . .  the WORD did say in that ORDER and only that Order because the Sinners will not CHANGE       When encouraged, the carnal mind will never "turn from its wicked ways" and the soul will stay separated, and go into hell, encouraged!

Do not give "comfort" to any enemy of the DIVINE PLAN!

     "Comfort" should only come when the soul is filled to "overflowing with the SPIRIT of HOLINESS and PURITY," and not until then, or you will be the "friend' that condemns that soul to HELL, personally!

     Stay is the WORDS ORDER of things, and NOT your own, out of order life, that makes the WORD of NO effect to everyone, including yourself!  Just a WARNING, because I love your soul, by the LOVE of the WORDS of CREATION!

     Now how about those 20 or more verses, replacing that "friendship evangelism," of the 3 or less MISS-translated verses or "doctrines of demons" taught to "YOU" by the "worldly sinners, of the pew-glue crew?"

 Or do you believe that Christ (the MACHIACH) was wrong when HE HIMSELF said . . . .   

OH yea. . . .  some or many "will hate you , since they hated HIM?"

OH yea. . . . OR. . . 

Maybe your "carnal mind" is just still smarter then all the WORD's of CREATION?






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