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You can "WITNESS" the WORDS that Purify!

The RISEN WORD stated . . . "But you will receive power when the HOLY SPIRIT comes on you, and you will be MY witnesses . . . to the ends of the earth." Acts 1: 8 (Some accounts state there were 500 present (+ or -) who heard these WORD'S, and watched HIM ascend! YAHUAH knows for sure!) AND HE WAS TALKING TO ALL OF THEM!

I hope it is alright that I share HIS testimony with you, because it is the WORDS of YAHUAH is how we
"overcome . . . by HIS WORDS as our testimony."
(Rev. 12: 11 )

HIS testimony will be forever, about the "
[offering] that cleansED us form ALL NON-YAHUAHliness and imperfections."
1John. 1: 8 (Original WORDS.)

The living WORD had me at a "flea market" on Saturdays and Sundays, from
6:50AM to about 3:00PM
, to have a real "outreach", every Saturday and Sunday for 20 months, to minister HIS WORDS!

The "flea market" was an open sided, all the way around, with only a roof for covering!
Thank YAHUAH for that roof!
I only missed one weekend because of a hurricane! It was in Pensacola Fl, just a week before the 2 BIG hurricanes hit!

Almost every weekend there were, on the average, 1000 to 3000 souls walk past a 4.8 sheet of plywood table that held FREE tracts, and booklets.

About 12,000 "holiness" tracks were given out in 20 months!

Usually between from 1000 to 3000 souls pass right by us, each day, in any given weekend, and according to the WORDS of YAHUAH, 99.99% all of them are heading straight into hell! (According to the WORDS in Mat. 3: 10;
5: 30; 10: 28; Psa. 9: 17; 55: 15; Deut. 32: 22 ?
LOOK them UP!  )

This situation of seeing souls headed to hell was, and is beyond totally heart breaking, to say the least! (Fact: If souls going to hell, around you, does not bother you, you are not "saved" yourself.) ? STUDY Ezk. 3: 18 to 20 care-FULLY)

So I went on a 40 day fast, as did the RISEN WORD, WHO "we" are supposed to "follow" what HE did ALSO, to begin HIS ministry.

     You should know "the FAST,"  I refer to, if you REALLY know the WORDS of YAHUAH!
     It is the "fast" found in Isa. 58: 6 and 8 (Verse 7 was to get the 9th. reason or . . . "Bread of LIFE" to FEED to the hungry souls.
"Is not this the fast that I have chosen? 1.To loose the bands of wickedness, 2. to undo the heavy burdens, 3. and to let the oppressed go free, 4. and that you break every yoke?"  . . . . (to verse 8) . . .  5. Then shall your light break forth as the morning, 6. and your health shall spring forth speedily, 7. and your righteousness shall go before you, 8. and the boasting about the WORD shall be your reward."
Do you understand the 9 reasons for the "fast that HE has chosen!"  [Numbering added for clarity only, and NOT to "change" the meaning.]

From day one, the LIVING WORD gave me this desire . . .
just what verses that HE could present to a soul, thru me, that would get them into HIS kingdom, immediately, and completely!

OR in other WORDS, what verses (WORDS) would "profit" a soul into " . . . salvation THROUGH sanctification . . ."
( 2 Thes.
2: 13) ) right there, and right in front of my eyes!
So if the soul walked away, and they never listened to a "preacher" on the radio, nor they never went into the hide away havens for other sinners, they call a "church". . . . just what WORDS would "sanctify their soul," unto YOU (YHVH) and by YOU alone, dear WORD ALMIGHTY?
(That was the reason for the "FAST!")

On the 21st day, on or about
3:30 AM,
the Living WORD woke me up, and directly gave me, a set of verses that would "sanctify a soul" within a few moments, into HIS Rule and Reign!

The WORDS of CREATION in these following verses sanctifiED my soul, than and there, without a doubt,
according to HIS WORDS!

The WORDS instructed me, since the WORD Rules, and NOT just the "churchy" fishless fishers ways of unYAHUAHly men . . . to present to each, and ever soul, in this "FOLLOWING" manner and order, this certain presentation. . . .
(He has presented
HIS WORDS to up to 10 souls at one time in a group, or 1000s on a forum, and most of them excepted these WORDS of "sanctification," by HIS WORDS, on the spot, without questions, nor debates!

Again since it was mostly on a "face to face" situation, HE had me present the verses in this ORDER, and in this manner as follows . .
      We go immediately to (He had me use a book-marker) the wholly and "in context" WORDS in Heb. 9: 26B ". . . but NOW once at the end of the world HE has appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of HIMSELF."
(HE does NOT have me say, the "thees and thous," to the "UN-churched," but HE has me use either the KJV, CEV, ASV, TAB because of the CORRECT "VERBS". on these verses, Only!)

(The KING has me ask them to read HIS WORDS, (if they can,) and HE has me stop them right after the . . . )
". . . but NOW . . . "

(and ask them . . . ) "when is "NOW?"
(And almost 99% of them respond . . . ) "its right NOW!"
(some look at me real weird for asking such a dumb question, but I do not care, the WORD is having them prophecy when they are going to be "sanctified". . . RIGHT "NOW!"")
One 260 pound, 6ft. 3 inch man raised his voice, and argued out loud saying . . . )  "NOW is right NOW, stupid!"  (referring to me, but I saw these WORDS sanctify his soul, in the next sentence anyway, so it really didn't matter what they think or say to, or about me!)

(The WORD has me point at the next word to READ . . . )
"ONCE" (and ask them . . . )  "HOW many times?"

(They answer . . . ) "ONCE!"
(The WORD than makes me ask them . . . )  "at the end" of the What?" (and point at the word . . . ) "world." (the Miss-translated use the words, end of ages.' when must above in the same verse they translated the word as "world." )
(They say . . . )
"The world!"

(HE than has me take the WORD from their eyes, and make eye to eye contact with them, and prophesy to them, by HIS WORDS . . . )
"Today, right "NOW," is the "end of the world" for you! WHY?"
(Than to have HIM fulfill HIS prophesy, the MACHIACH (the Way-Shower,) has me point back to the verse, to the WORD'S WORDS, to answer the QUESTION. . . and have them read . . . ) "HE was manifested to PUT AWAY sin by the sacrifice of HIMSELF."

(The WORD than has me ask. . . )   "According to these WORDS, right here, and right "NOW," stated by MACHIACH HIMSELF . . . HE did what?" (and point back at HIS WORDS . . . )
(They answer . . . ) 
"HE put away sin by the sacrifice of HIMSELF."

((The WORD than has me ask them . . .
)  "So HE was sacrificed, about 2000 years ago, Right?"
(They answer . . . )  "Yes!"

(Than HE has me ask . . . )  "Is HE a failure?"
(They say . . . ) "NO!"
(HE then has me tell them . . . ) "Since YAHUAH cannot lie, and HE said HE HIMSELF stated that "HE put away sin by the sacrifice of HIMSELF." That is the Truth . . . Right?"
(And they say . . . )  "Right!"

(Next HE has me state . . . ) "Since YAHUAH HIMSELF said . . . "He PUT AWAY SIN" . . . than you do NOT have any sins, RIGHT?"
(They say . . . ) "Right! I do not have any sins, because "HE took THEM away!"

(Upon that answer, and at that same moment, they receive the FULLNESS of the "baptism of the SPIRIT of HOLINESS," Praise HIS WORDS! )

(Then we (the LIVING WORD) and the newly sanctified soul(s) who are NOW FILLED, hungrily for TRUTH, turn to Heb. 10: 10 . . . ) 
"by [HIS] will, we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus the MACHIACH, once and for all."
(HE has me point at the word of HIS WORDS. . . ) "once"  (and ask them . . . )  "How may times?"

(And they say . . . )  "Once!"

(Than point to the WORDS  "and for all," and than ask . . . )  "For how many?"
(And they say . . . )  "ALL!"
(HE has me ask them . . . )  "Are you included in the WORD  "ALL?"

(They usually smile and say . . . )  "YES."

(The WORD has me explain to the NOW SPIRIT FILLED, (and NOT the one with "holes" in him where sin can seep in,) says to the REAL New Born soul . . . )  "That the WORD "sanctification" is the fancy religious word which Originally was actually a phrase . . . "being set aside completely, wholly and pure."
(HE has me ask,) That is you right now, and forever correct?"
(They are quickened and joyfully state . . . )  "YES!"

(Then the LIVING WORD than has me tell them . . . ) "That according to the WORDS of YAHUAH, right here," (and point to the verse . . . ) "just when did HE make you holy and pure?"

(They answer by HIS WORDS . . . )  "Through the offering of HIS body 2000 years ago."

(The WORD, and the souls go 4 verses "on-word," to Hebrews 10: 14 And they read out-loud . . . )  "For by one offering HE has perfected for ever them that are sanctified."
(HE has me ask them . . . )  "How many offerings?"
(They say . . . )  "Only ONE!"
(HE has me ask . . . )  "How long is "forever?"
(They say . . . )  "Forever!"
(You may have noticed... They are "speaking and starting to LIVE by HIS WORDS ALL-READY!)

(HE has me state more of HIS Truth . . . )  "HE sanctified," OR set you aside in HIS holiness  "by one offering," because HE HIMSELF, said that HE "PUT AWAY SIN by the sacrifice of HIMSELF." RIGHT?
(They say . . . )  "RIGHT!"

(About 99% of the NOW FILLED to overflowing want to "see and hear" more! So the WORD, and we go through the following . . . )

(HE takes them to HIS next WORDS of TRUTH for the now
"sanctified" referring to Hebrew 10: 14 above, to in Phil. 3: 15 & 16 . . . "Let us therefore, as many as be perfect, be thus minded, and if in any thing you be otherwise minded, YAHUAH shall reveal even this unto you."
16  "Never-the-less, whereto we have already attained, let us walk by the same rule, let us mind this same thing."
  (the d-evil and his kids HATE that doctrine of anyone living in the "image of the MACHIACH" as in "Be ye perfect and your FATHER in heaven is perfect." (Mat. 5: 48)

(I am supposed to ask . . . )  "When did YAHUAH say . . . "HE perfected you forever?"" (and point back to Heb. 10: 14.)
(They read again . . . ) 
"For by one offering HE has perfected for ever them that are sanctified."

(We go "on WORD," to Titus 2: 12 and read HIS WORDS . . . )  "Teaching us that, denying unYAHUAHliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and YAHUAHly, in this present world."
(HE has me ask . . . )  "Right Now, right here, how does HIS WORDS teach us, as the ONLY WAY, "to live soberly, righteous and YAHUAHly?""
(They answer according to HIS WORDS . . . ) "By denying unYAHUAHliness and worldly lusts."
(Than HE has me ask . . . )  "Why are "we" supposed to "deny unYAHUAHliness and worldly lusts?"
(They answer . . . )
"Because "HE put away my sin by the sacrifice of HIMSELF."

(We than go to Jude 1: 24 to . . ."Now unto HIM that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of HIS glory with exceeding joy."
(HE has me ask . . . )  "What is going to make HIM, the WORD R-E-A-L-Y happy?"

(They say . . . )  "To keep us from "falling.""
(He has me ask them . . . )  "And HE promised to present you how?"
(They state . . . ) "FAULTLESS!"

(HE than has me explain to them, the WORDS . . . ) "HE is able to keep them from falling," . . . are the WORDS of YAHUAH, HIMSELF, that are . . . "ABLE to keep them from falling," . . . as YOU minister these WORDS . . . "He is able to keep them FROM falling and present them FAULTLESS," into other souls"
That is called the "sow and reap"  LAW by the WORDS of YAHUAH

(We then go to Rom. 3: 25-26(A) and the WORD does another prophesy to them that states . . . )  "This is your public proclamation form NOW ONWARD!"
(HE has me read the verse in the ORIGINAL Greek to English text definitions, as follows . . . ) "Whom the WORD WAS set forth to be the restoration through faith in HIS blood, to publicly proclaim HIS holiness and purity for the Omission of sins, that are PAST, through the Self-control of the WORDS of YAHUAH!"
To publicly proclaim, I say, at this time / right NOW, HIS holiness and purity . . ."

(They agree with the PERFECT WORD! )

(We then go to 1John 3: 5-9, and the WORD has them read . . . ) 
""And you know that HE was manifested that HE may take away our sins, and in HIM is no sin. Everyone who abides in HIM does not sin."

"Everyone who sins has not seen HIM nor do they know HIM."

"Little children, let no one deceive you, they who do righteousness are righteous, even as that HE is righteous."

"Who-so-ever sins belong to the devil. . .
for the Devil sins from the beginning. For this purpose the SON of YAHUAH was manifested, that HE may destroy the works of the devil."

"Everyone who has been born of these WORD do not commit sin,
because HIS seed remains in them, and they cannot sin, because they have been born of YAHUAH."

(He has me ask them . . . )  "Why did HE, the Living WORD state, "HE, was manifested?""
(They state . . . )  "To put away our sin!"

(HE has me than state the TRUTH according to HIS OWN WORDS . . . )
"Everyone who sins has not seen HIM nor knows HIM." Is that what HE said?"
(They state . . . ) 
"That is the Truth!
(HE has me ask . . . ) "How "righteous" are we supposed to be?"
(And they state . . . )  "Even as that HE is righteous.?"  (<< See how the WORD states HIS TRUTH?)
(HE than has me state . . . ) 
"They that practices sin belong to who?"

(They speak the TRUTH . . . )  "They belong to the devil!"

(HE has me state . . . )  "According to HIS very OWN WORDS, what was "the purpose" that HE stated that "the SON of MAN was manifested?""
(They state the TRUTH, as only the SPIRIT FILLED can state. . . )

 "HE . . . "was manifested to destroy the works of the devil!"

(HE then has me ask . . . )  "Was HE a failure at what HE came here to "destroy?""
(They state. . . )  "NO, not for us!"

(The Next question is . . . )  'According to HIS OWN WORDS, Everyone who has been born of these WORDS do NOT commit sin, because HIS seed, [these WORDS] remains in them, and they cannot sin, because they have been born of YAHUAH.
Is that what YAHUAH stated HIMSELF?"

(They state by the SPIRIT of HOLINESS and TRUTH . . . )  "That is what a REAL true born again soul believes!"




(Than HE has me, hand them a small "bookmark" ( about 2 1\4 inches wide x 3 inches in height, or about 12 book-marks per a single page with the following references to WORDS of YAHUAH that "sanctified" their soul on it. . . and tell them . . . )  "Fill in your name." after word "Minister" Because the "REAL winners of  "souls" knows the WORDS in Pro 23: 7  "For as a man (or woman) thinks in their minds, so are they!"" (ORIGINAL Text.)

(HE has me pray . . . )  "You will NOT allow anyone or anything to stop you from "publicly proclaiming to someone, EVERY DAY, "HIS holiness and HIS purity," as soon as possible! As you allow HIS WORDS to "keep you from falling....in this present world," . . . and by . . . "denying and renouncing unYAHUAHliness and worldly lust!"
In HIS WHOLLY Nature and in by HIS Perfect WORD!

Many times HE has them immediately "minister," or testify the same verses to the next "soul" on the "streets," and HE sets them FREE!
Praise HIM forever!

1.  Cut and paste the following into a word processor or Publisher.
2.  Change the email listed below to YOURS where it says . . .  (your email here)  without the  (    ) 
3.  Move the margins to 1/4 of an inch from the EDGE of the PAGE, all the way around the page.
4  Than Copy 4 of each of these in a ROW in Three Rows, or until the page is full.
5.  Copy the page to quality card stock paper and than cut each Minister BOOKMARK into Single BOOKMARKS.
5. Have a print shop, copy store copy on a quality card stock, and let them cut the
BOOKMARKS out of the page.
NOW you have the Verses that will allow you to REPRODUCE what HE DID to you!
Copy the "NEVER AGAIN" page to a DOC /word processor or publisher, and add a border, and give them one of those as a "handout," also. FIND the PAGE DOWNLOAD HERE.

Minister ________________

Acts 15:9 & 26: 18
Heb. 9: 26(B) But now . . .
10: 10 & 14
3: 15
& 16
Titus 2: 12
Jude 1: 24
Rom. 3: 25 & 26(A)
1John 3: 5-10
Heb. 2: 11
Rom. 6th and 8th Chapters
2Pet. 2: 9 & 19
12: 36
& 37
Job 15: 6 than 5
1 Cor.
3: 16
2 Thes. 2: 13
Gal. 5: 24


SPANISH "NEVER AGAIN" to Copy and Place into a word processor for the WEB PAGE HERE

SPANISH Bookmarks PAGE, copy and paste into word processor or Download Link

En vivo y cuota todos los dias!
Actos 15: 9 & 26: 18
Heb. 9:26(B). . . Pero ahora
10: 10
, 14
2: 12

Judas 1: 24
1 Juan 3: 4-10
3: 22-26(A)
Rom. 6 & 8th. chapters
Hebros 2: 11
5: 24

2 Pedro 2: 9, 19
Job 15: 6
12: 36-37
2 Thes. 1: 8-9
1 Cor. 3: 16-17
La Biblia por las


Ps. OPPS! . . . . Sorry about such a long Testimony, . . . but "Eternity" is also a more horrible length of time for the  "lost and perishing souls," who come near "YOU" everyday for "REPROOF, and correction in righteousness" of "their" lives so HE can "Present them perfect (complete) IN HIM!"  (Col. 1: 28)

You can make, by choice, those same WORDS for your testimony also, since
these WORDS belong to all who belong to HIS WORDS!

May they see the tears of the LIVING WORD pouring out of your eyes and or flooding thru now [HIS] VOICE, thru you! (C. Booth, paraphrased)

SO. . .
We do NOT do the 
"Go Ye" Command,
because we "have to," (as a duty! )
do we go to get "paid for it."
to add to some church.
to make "tithers and offerers," out of all the nations!

But we 
"GO YE" because the LOVE of these WORDS flows through us FREELY, to SEE that others  "ARE SANCTIFIED, and dedicated completely" outside of mans traditions, so "we" just "GO OUT," into all who are the lost, so they can SEE HIS WORDS that SANCTIFIED THEM 2000 years AGO, unto and all by HIMSELF, so they can be-n-LIVE THEM!

AGAIN. . .  when we  ALL "GO,"  . . . "we ALL" . . .
"WARNI every man, and than teach every man in ALL WISDOM, "

[so we] can allow the WORD to present every man PERFECT / morally complete unto HIMSELF!"  Col. 1: 28 (the ORIGINAL WORD stated that COMMAND!) The "WARNING" comes when they do NOT accept HIS WORDS!


That was the testimony, of, and by the WORDS of YAHUAH!

Again I pray that the "lost" see the tears of MACHIACH pouring out of you thru your eyes, and OR the VOICE of the WORD coming out thru you!
Because MACHIACH stated ORIGINALLY in 2 Tim 4: 2 . . . Freely given by the ORIGINAL WORDS of YAHUAH . . . 
"Herald and preach the WORD! Keep your sense of urgency, whether the opportunity seems to be favorable or unfavorable. Whether it is convenient or inconvenient, whether it is welcome or unwelcome, you as minister of the WORD are to show people in what way their lives are wrong. And convince them, rebuking and correcting, warning and urging and encouraging them, being unstoppable and inexhaustible in *patience and teaching."
 (2 Tim 4: 2 TAB) ("*patience" has nothing to do with allowing sin. 1Pet. 4: 18; 1Tim. 5: 20; Ezekiel 18: 20; Isaiah 59:1-2; Jude 1: 23; Rom. 12: 9; Heb. 1: 9; Rom. 13: 4; Heb 1: 9 ETC.)
        (Secondary Credit goes to the Lockman Foundation for their '"Amplified" RESTORATION of that verse, BACK into the ORIGINAL WORDS of YAHUAH! . . . And they sure SOUND better! HUH!

     Did you see . . . 
"Whether it is convenient or inconvenient," or "whether it is welcome or unwelcome, you as minister of the WORD, are to show people in what way their lives are wrong?" Are you a "Doer of the WORD," or just a "hearer only?"

"NOW" . . . "GO YE," and "SIN NO MORE!" (Acts 1: 8; John 5: 14 and 8: 11; 1 Cor. 15: 35 )  


"BE ON FIRE for souls to be sanctified NOW or be on-fire for Eternity!"




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