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Purification is NOT a Process!

Blessing to you in the perfect will of the PERFECT WORD of CREATION, "even your sanctification!" (1Thes 4: 3)

And since the Truth of the WORD of YAHUAH states that "…without holiness no man shall see YAHUAH," and "only the pure in heart shall see YAHUAH" and most relevant  . . .  "salvation through sanctification" . . . . Then PURIFICATION is really the WILL of YAHUAH, in this life "NOW, being made free from sin we become servants of YAHUAH, our fruit unto holiness and the end everlasting life." (Heb. 12: 14 ; Mt. 5: 8 ; 2Thes. 2: 13 & Rom. 6: 22)   Do you See 1. "made free FROM sin!"   2, Than "servants of YAHUAH/ the WORD! (these WORDS)  Again, IN THAT ORDER ONLY!

        Sanctification and justification are received by faith, as is any thing from the kingdom of YAHUAH, and NOT by works, but by FAITH! More than likely, you were taught, by someone (not yet sanctified by faith)  that sanctification was done by a "process," and this is because your "un-sanctified" teachers were themselves, still in a process of getting washed from all inbred sin, by "themselves," and not by faith! All the while, the SACRIFICE of YAHUSHA WAS the cleansing AGENT, the sanctifying device! Not what the  "so far un-sanctified" are just allowing to be cleansed from them… When you  understand and finally believe that it WAS only the MACHIACH’s OFFERING that purified, and that ONE OFFERING  WAS 2000 years ago, than that WAS when a "true" believer WAS 1. "washed" and," than 2. "was sanctified" and then, lastly, 3. "justified." At that immediate point, you will HAVE realize, at that the MOMENT, you receive FULL purification, "in a twinkling of a eye your are changed" and NOT over a period of time or a drawn out "tedious process." Since YAHUAH WAS the ONE to do the restoration, or the atonement by HIS sacrifice, by HIMSELF, than that makes HIM the ONLY Sanctifier…..2000 years ago, and "NOT a process."

        When  "sanctified believers" teach purification, via the WORD of YAHUAH, by their "belief in the Truth…" They do NOT allow someone to stay in "unbelief," but lead them into righteousness, and YAHUAHliness of the "finished work of the MACHIACH," and the FAITH / trust in HIS WORDS alone.

         Study and contemplate and do not just read Heb. 10: 10 and 14. You should believe that the MACHIACH’s ONE offering HAS purified and sanctified us. And this what the MACHIACH, the WORD, and ONLY ONE who is the SANCTIFIER, the PURIFIER, and ONLY by what HE did, that "we" are "salvaged / saved / delivered" NOT by "our" doings or our NOT "doings"… and there is NO process for a REAL "believer," because "we" (believers) "are sanctified by the offering of Jesus the MACHIACH once and for all." And who-so-ever does not believe those WORDS of the MACHIACH ‘s "one offering" WAS the "washing" and the "sanctification" and than the "justification," or completed restoration, then "they are not yet believers." And they them "selves" are "trying to work out their OWN salvation with fear and trembling."   Most ALL "almost" believers think repentance from sin is feeling somewhat sorry for some small amount conviction / guilt what follows in their daily walk as an (almost) the MACHIACHian." …… This is just what the UN-sanctified taught you to believe (even though they "showed" their so-called "proof" to you via the WORD of YAHUAH) NO …. NO ….. it is by the FAITH!

      ",,,that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in ME." (Acts 26:18b) Do you see the WORD’s of the MACHIACH "sanctified BY FAITH that is in ME."  If you see, and "believe" just what the MACHIACH just said in those WORDS alone . . .  than you will . . . at that same moment (and not before become one who . . . ) "ARE sanctifieED". . . . "by FAITH."  Unless you think that you will be sanctified by YOUR OWN "process of elimination?" You will NOT yet be a REAL "true" believer "unto righteousness (holiness and purity,) According to these WORDS of YAHUAH, which states "them which are sanctified by faith that is in ME." HIS FAITH that is located IN HIM is the ONLY WAY, TRUTH and LIFE that will make /CREATE you FIT FOR THE KINGDOM of YAHUAH, NO OTHER WAY!

Is HIS faith, trust allowed in you, YET?

       Second witness for the conclusion of "NOT a process" is as follows:

        "And put no difference between us and them, purifying their hearts by faith (trust)."  (Acts 15: 9 )

Yes , Again the DIVINE LIVING WORD stated thru the writer, "purifying their hearts by faith / TRUST," means just what HE said exactly what HE did!  Purification or sanctification is done "BY TRUST" and "TRUST" in HIS ORIGINAL WORDS.

Do you believe these WORDS of Sanctification, or the words of the UN-sanctified, un-YAHUAHly, pious in "LOOKS" ONLY?" WHICH? Why would ANYONE "TRUST" the words of the "fallen" double minded creatures, RATHER the the "RISEN WORD?"

      The so-called "process" of purification is attempted by the "carnal mind" slowly giving up its' double-minded "self," a "little here," and a "little more or less there." And maybe in time, before death and judgment,  "the self" happens to get ALL the filth out, corruption and abomination OUT BY itself … THAN "sanctification?"  NEVER! Now that is the only "process" and if it were NOT so pathetic it would be funny that anyone would "trust" that "process" that never works.

       But the "self" is trying to work out "it’s OWN salvation," but it is the TRUTH in the WORD of YAHUAH,  that is the SANCTIFIER, and never the "self,"  that SANCTIFIES / PURIFIES.

This is  the "fallen human self" that is Trying to remove "itself" by itself.

But when a "sanctified teacher" teaches the TRUTH which states. . . .

        "And such were some of you, but you are washed (cleansed) but you are sanctified, but you are justified (made innocent) in the name (character [nature]) of the Lord Jesus, and by the SPIRIT (of Holiness) of our YAHUAH (CREATOR.)"  (1Cor. 6:11)  Again IN that ORDER ONLY stated by YAHUAH! Try not to get the ORDER of YAHUAH rearranged by the "self!"   

Again the verse stated in 1 Cor. 6: 11
"you WERE Washed" / cleansed" (Past Perfect Tense.) Than just how did you believe you "WERE washed?" By TRUST RIGHT?
"You were Sanctified / purified / set aside holy (Past Perfect Tense,) unspotted from the world of sin." Did you happen to notice the word "WERE" directly before "sanctified" (Past Perfect Tense,)?" THAN by that DIVINE ORDER of the WHOLLY CREATOR comes  the Words "are justified."
3. "Are Justified," or made innocent, did not come before "were washed" . . . or . . . "were sanctified" as being made innocent was LAST on the list of things accomplished by the FAITH in this statement of TRUTH BY YAHUAH!

      Next comes another NO SIN / "falling" verse to replace the lies you were told by the not yet purified, we FIND in Jude 1:24

     "Now unto HIM that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of HIS glory with  exceeding joy."

     YAHUAHLY contemplation  1.) "Now unto Him that is able to keep you from falling," means HE can keep you (me and anyone)  who REALLY believe these WORDS, WHO is YAHUAH enough to "keep you from falling" But if a soul believes the claims of the "still fallen," who do NOT know that the WORD is ALMIGHTY enough "to keep them from falling," than they still do NOT have the WORD as RULER, nor as Ruler!

    If anyone believes they "have to fall every day" (or 7 times a day, or any other amount of "falling.) then they them "selves" are NOT yet HIS CREATED, but belong to HIS enemy, the carnal fallen mind.

    WHEN YAHUAH SAID one thing, like
"HE is able to keep them FROM falling," and a soul goes out to argue for the opposite, than, it is the "fallen nature" mixed up with unbelief, that is still on the throne, and NOT YAHUAH, WHO is Truly "able to keep (believers) FROM falling." So if you were to believe the WORD, and not fallen minded mankind, NOR "their " personal chosen  MISS-translations, you would rather argue that these WORDS ARE really "ABLE to keep you FROM falling" because HE said 'HE is 'Able to do so.'

2.) Only After you believe
"HE can keep you from falling," than HE is ABLE "to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy." Truly, sounds like only after HE keeps "us believers in HIS WORD, "from falling" will HE be "exceedingly joy filled!"

     The word "faultless" means with-OUT fault, = flawless, spotless, impeccable, UNFLAWED, non-contaminated, non-corrupt, PERFECT (P-E-R-F-E-C-T)! NOW that is the "created image" of the PERFECT ONE!

     NEXT: Eph 2: 8  "For by grace are you saved through faith, and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of YAHUAH, not of works, lest any man should boast."
      You say that you have the "faith" that you are "saved through TRUST" in these WORDS of YAHUAH, so than you should have the SAME amount of "TRUST" in Acts 26:18 "To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto YAHUAH, that they may receive forgiveness (omission) of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in ME." . . .  Or . . . "Purified by TRUST" that is in HIM, which is HIS TRUST in HIS WORD of TRUTH!

     Now you can NOT be "saved thru faith," = "DELIVERED BY TRUST," and should have the same amount of faith to be "sanctified or purified by faith." You MUST have TRUST in ALL the WORDS, 1."washed,"  2."sanctified'" and THAN 3."justified," or you do not have entire "TRUST" in the WORD of YAHUAH to be "saved" = "DELIVERED." Because it is "salvation through sanctification," ONLY (1Thes. 2: 13) Either the WHOLE WORD RULES "by TRUST," or you are NOT HIS TRUST filled followers! If you do not have the "faith of the TRUST" in the  WORD to be "purified By TRUST" (Acts 15: 9) than you do NOT have the TRUE Faith for salvation, either.
AGAIN, since there is ONLY
"salvation thru sanctification," than if you are NOT totally "sanctified" than you are NOT totally "saved."

FACT: If you have NOT the "faith" for "purification," than there is NOT enough faith in the WORDS of the MACHIACH for your "salvation," either!  Can NOT have ONE without the other!

       According to the devil's doctrine of "sanctification is a process," Than since "justification is by faith" than justification would also a "process," according to that "fallen" mind set. But the TRUTH all ways rules unless the "deceived" allow the "lie," to overcome their own souls, by loving the lie rather than the TRUTH that "set the captives FREE!"

      Now the ONLY "process" for the UN-sanctified, as a  "process," is finding enough "faith or TRUST" in the WORDS, stated by YAHUAH, and anything less than that TOTAL Faith in not YAHUAHLY  faith, and without "Faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please the WORD!"

And when you stand before the JUDGE of judges, (not mother nature or what-ever fairy tail lies,) and answer "WHY you did not believe (be and live) these WORDS, than what will you answer, 1. Oh lord, I was working on that my faith myself? OR 2. Oh lord, I believed the UN-sanctified more than YOU, the ONE WHO SANCTIFIED?"  OR 3. Oh lord, the words of the "fallen" were more convincing than YOUR WORDS! 

    OR  the TRUTH  4. Oh lord, I loved the LIE of sin, more than the WORDS of TRUTH!

    Be sure to write your objections to HIS WORDS in "Flame Proof INK," and on "Flame Proof material" so you can "trust in those words for all eternity!"



"THE Namby Pamby Almost Gospel!"

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