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How to Obtain Sanctification by the WORDS of YAHUAH!

SANCTIFY: Greek> hagiazo  1. Set apart for sacred use made holy and pure,  CONSECRATED.  2. Made holy; pure a saint.  3. Sanctioned as with an Oath or vow  4. To grant moral sanction to.   5. Made useful by holiness and purity.  6. Devout, virtuous, morally complete. 7. CONSECRATED WHOLLY! 8. Completely dedicated with the whole mind /  soul (mind. will and emotions).

Hebrew ROOT Original Word: קָדַשׁ
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: qadash
Phonetic Spelling: (kaw-dash')
Short Definition: consecrated

"Sanctify them by Your Truth. Your WORD is Truth.  I do not pray for these alone, but also for those who will believe in ME through their WORD. and for their sakes, I sanctify / consecrate myself, that they also might be sanctified through the Truth."   John 17:17,19    

"YAHUAH / the WORD made no difference between them and us. HE / the living WORD made / created our hearts / minds / souls pure /  clean  WHEN WE BELIEVE."   Acts 15: 9

"And now I commit you to YAHUAH, to the WORD of HIS grace, which is able to build you up and give to you an inheritance among all that are sanctified / set aside holy."  Acts 20:32

"To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from satan into the POWER of YAHUAH / the living WORD, that they may receive forgiveness / putting away, laying aside, omission of sins, and inheritance among them which ARE sanctified / set aside holy by faith that is in ME."  Acts 26:18

"for me to be minister of YAHUSHA the MACHIACH to the nations, carrying on as a service of sacrifice of the message of glad tidings of YAHUAH / the WORD, in order that the offering up of the nations, might / may be acceptable, sanctified / set aside holy by the HOLY SPIRIT."  Romans 15:16

"Whom YAHUAH / the WORD has set forth to be a propitiation / restoration through faith in HIS blood, to declare / publicly proclaim HIS righteousness / Holiness, and purity for the remission / omitting of sins that are PAST, through the forbearance / SELF control by YAHUAH / the WORD. To declare / publicly  proclaim, I say, at this time / NOW, HIS righteousness / holiness and purity."  Romans 3:25,26

"But NOW being made FREE FROM SIN, we become servants to YAHUAH, we have our fruit unto wholliness, and the end / result everlasting life."   Romans 6:22 [Sinners can NOT READ that sentence OUT LOUD, and then explain it in any common logical manner.]

"But of HIM are you in YAHUSHA the MACHIACH, who of YAHUAH / the WORD was made unto us wisdom, and righteousness / holiness, purity, and sanctification / set aside holy, and redemption / deliverance.  But we have the MIND of the MACHIACH."   1Cor.1:30; 2:16

"And such were some of you, but you are washed / cleansed, but you are sanctified / set aside holy, but you are justified / made innocent in the name /nature of the RULER YAHUSHA, and by the SPIRIT of Holiness of our YAHUAH / the WORD. 1Cor. 6:11   

1. "Washed!"

2."Sanctified" / set aside holy, pure.  

3. THAN "made innocent!"


"I am crucified with the MACHIACH / the WORD, never-the-less I live, yet not I, but the WORD lives in me.  For as many of you as Have Been baptized into the MACHIACH have put on the MACHIACH." Gal. 2: 20; 3:27

"Allow this MIND be in you, which was also in the MACHIACH / the WORD / YAHUSHA. Let us therefore, as many as be perfect / mentally and morally complete, be thus minded / thinking, and if in any thing you be otherwise minded / thinking, YAHUAH / the WORD shall reveal even this unto you.  Never-the-less, whereto we have ALREADY ATTAINED, let us walk by the same rule / standard, let us mind /think the same thing."  Phil 2: 5; 3:15,16

"For this is the will of YAHUAH/ the WORD, even your sanctification / set aside holy. And the very YAHUAH of peace sanctify / consecrate you wholly / completely, and I pray YAHUAH your whole SPIRIT, and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our WORD YAHUSHA the MACHIACH.  Faithful is He / the WORD that called you, who also will do it." 1Thes. 4:2,3; 5:23,24

"But we are bound to give thanks always to YAHUAH for you, brethren beloved of the WORD, because YAHUAH / the  WORD has from the beginning chosen you to salvation /deliverance through sanctification / set aside holy of the SPIRIT, by a belief of the truth." 1Thes. 2:13   (NO other Way!   NO other TRUTH!   NO other LIFE. "Sanctification thru sanctification" ONLY!)

". . . will we are sanctified / set aside holy through the offering of the body of YAHUSHA the MACHIACH once for all. For by one offering HE / the WORD has perfected for ever them that are sanctified / set aside holy.  Wherefore YAHUSHA also, that HE might / mightily sanctify the people with HIS own blood, suffered without the gate." Hebrews. 10: 10, 14; 13:12

"If anyone therefore allow the TRUTH to purge them from all corruption, they shall be a vessel of honor, sanctified, and able / fit for the MASTER'S use, prepared for every good / virtuous work."  2Timothy 2:21 

"Jude, the servant of YAHUSHA the MACHIACH, and brother of James, to them that are sanctified / set aside holy by YAHUAH / the FATHER / CREATOR." Jude 1: 24 [MEANING that  "Jude" was writing to them that are sanctified ' set aside wholly by the WORD, and not referring to a huddle club full of sinners. 

"The just / holy shall live by faith / belief, trust."  Romans 1:17

"All things are passed away and  behold things are become new and ALL things are of YAHUAH." 2Cor. 5: 17-18a  (FACT of LOGIC..... according to those WORDS, if "ALL things" are NOT "of YAHUAH" (the Living WORD,) you are not a "NEW Creation!" Yet! )


   Notice: The above WORDS following the forward slash marks ( " / " ) are mostly from the 1890 Strong's Concordance,
Hebrew TO Greek TO English definitions,
and NOT "my" interpretation nor "version!" 

There is nothing "added" to these verses, (or nothing taken away.) that were not there in the Original WORDS of CREATION!
The lighter, or
non-bolded words before the
" / " (forward slash marks) were NOT in the "definitions" of the ORIGINAL WORDS in the Hebrew or the Greek, of the 1890 Strong's Concordance, but where added in the LATER versions,
[after the DASH  marks ( ~ ) and located at the end of the ORIGINAL definition in the Strong's Concordance,
and mostly ALL the new-age "web" editions!

If the words before the " / " (forward slash marks) are bolded then that word is, and was within the Original WORDS of CREATION!




This ABOVE page [or any other page(s)] can be copied, and pasted into a text / word  program for handing out on the "streets" as a flyer, and lived at home, and neighborhood study! 

Because. . . . . .

    "And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees, therefore every tree which does not bring forth good fruit is cut down, and cast into the fire."   Mat 3:10 ........  [the Original WORD.... "good" before the WORD "fruit" was "virtuous" (v-i-r-t-u-o-u-s) meaning piety or purified and COMPLETE! SO the Original WORDS were... "the tree which does NOT bring forth PURIFIED / COMPLETE FRUIT is cut down and cast into the FIRE,."

    "But they that received seed into the good ground are they that hear the WORD, and understands it, and which also bears fruit, and brings forth, some an hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty."  Mat 13:23 [Pure Logically Meaning that . . .  anyone who does NOT "bear fruit" ....  and at that . . .  "VIRTUOUS" fruit then the ONLY OUTCOME THEY WILL BE... "cut down and cast into the FIRE,."

"But you be doers of the WORD, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves."  James 1:22 [DOERS of the WORD is NOT "works," but the NATURAL ACTION of the "DELIVERED" Since "made in HIS IMAGE, would mean they "WENT OUT AND SEEKED and DELIVERED the LOST" just LIKE HE DID when walked as OUR WAY-SHOWER! ]



Re-creation or the REBIRTH?

ON word and UP WORD!

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